How To Use Makeup To Balance Asymmetrical Features

When that inverted filter went viral on TikTok — you know, the one that flips the camera from the mirrored image we're used to seeing when taking selfies — it did a number on many people's self-esteem. Apparently, that's how the rest of the world sees you. And because most "normal" folk who weren't born into the Kardashian-Jenner family have asymmetrical features, that inverted filter definitely caused many to freak out — despite the fact that natural asymmetry is more common than not, according to a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.


Blame unattainable beauty standards, social media, and photoshopping apps, but we all want a symmetrical face. There is a psychological link between proportional features and attractiveness, after all, as the most stunning faces according to science are symmetrical (via Psychology Today). The theory behind that is attributed to the evolution of humans and our subconscious correlation between symmetrical features and healthiness.

The good news is, like everything in life, there's a hack for that. And this time, we're reaching for our makeup bags. The power of makeup is mighty and has the ability to literally change your features. The best part? No needles or knives are required. Boosting your confidence with makeup to balance asymmetrical features is within reach. With a bit of patience and a lot of practice, you can achieve it!


For asymmetrical eyes

Whether you have one eye that's bigger than the other, one that droops a little lower, or one that's more hooded, it's common for one eye to be a little different than the other (per Healthline). Getting them to match perfectly depends on your specific area of concern, and since all eyes are different, there may not be one rule that fits all. But it's important to remember that you don't want to use the same technique on both eyes. Otherwise, by the end, they will still look different. Instead, try focusing on the one eye you want to fix up to match the other. 


This is shown in a YouTube tutorial by Alex Lynn Ward, where she proves that you can use eyeshadow to make your eyes look bigger. Ward's goal is to make one eye appear larger while giving the other the appearance of more eyelid space. She first blends a contour shade in the crease of her smaller eye and curls the lashes to open it up. To give her other eye a bigger lid, she shades some contour high above her crease to "fake" how high her lid goes. She then pops on a lighter shade on the eyelids to even both eyes out. A bit of trial and error may be necessary to figure out what works best for your particular eye shape.

For asymmetrical lips

Getting the lips to look symmetrical is simple, especially if you're a fan of overlining. However, even if you prefer not to overline, rest assured, there are ways to make your pout appear balanced. First, you want to grab a lip liner pencil to carve out your desired shape. Maybe you have top-heavy lips or unbalanced volume on one side. If one side of your lip is thinner than the other, overline the lip slightly to match. Conversely, if you want to make your lip appear smaller, line just below your natural lip line.


Utilizing different lipstick shades can also help trick the eye into thinking you have symmetrical lips. Beauty YouTuber Alexandra Anele says in a video that darker shades can help "push certain areas back," making them look more natural without harshly overlining. It's worth mentioning that you definitely want to use matte lip products for this, or the light can bounce off the sheerness of a creamy product, making those lines obvious.

For an asymmetrical face shape

Did you know your everyday activities and facial movements can affect your facial symmetry? To fix it with makeup, you want to reach for your trusty contour palette and create shades on your face so that both sides match. Of course, where and how you contour depends on your specific face shape, but the ultimate goal is to prevent one side of the face being larger than the other.


To achieve this with makeup, note what beauty TikToker @makeupbybia does in this contour video. To slim the face, she applies contour in a downward motion from the top of her ear to her chin and directly above her brow. This creates a shadow that gives an elongated shape. To add fullness, she focuses the contour on the apples of the cheeks in a U-shape and close to the hairline on her forehead. A swipe of blush along those contour lines will help add definition too!

For an asymmetrical nose

An asymmetrical nose is a confidence killer for many, especially since it's smack dab in the middle of the face. Luckily, there's a way to balance the shape of your nose — and yes, contour is your BFF when doing so. Beauty YouTuber Alex Lynn Ward comes to our aid once again to help with this fix. In one video, she uses a cream concealer in a darker contour shade, but you can use a powder contour product if preferred.


First, start at the top of the side of your nose and draw a line straight down, ignoring the natural shape of your nose, as if your nose was completely symmetrical. Do the same for the other side. Then, take a lighter concealer shade and draw a straight line down the center of the nose and the sides of the contour. You can even create a V-shape along the nostrils for a slimming effect. Blend it with a small brush or sponge and top it off with powder to set.

For asymmetrical eyebrows

Whether you were born with uneven eyebrows or have nobody but yourself to blame due to your undying desire to overpluck, fixing asymmetrical eyebrows is easy with time and patience. You first want to measure your brows to note where they sit on the face and which brow needs extra length or arch. You can use a pencil, measuring tape, or whatever straight edge you have nearby.


You can also do what YouTube beauty creator DYNA does in her video. Draw a line with an eyeliner pencil to connect both eyebrows to physically see which eyebrow is higher than the other. Then, you can map out the shape with that product, holding the pencil at an angle from your nose to find the highest point of your eyebrow. Remove those lines in the center of the brows and fill that shape in with that same pencil or eyebrow powder. Clean up any messes with some concealer, carving out your desired shape.

Again, just like with the rest of these techniques, practice makes perfect. You may find that it takes you more than a handful of tries before you reach your desired look. Taking it slow and being strategic with where you place your makeup will result in a symmetrical face. No more hiding from unflattering TikTok filters!