General Hospital Star Lisa LoCicero Honors Her Late Dad In An Unusual Way

Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) is a force of nature on "General Hospital." Although she's typically fearless, Heather Webber's recent re-appearance (now played by Alley Mills) sent chills down Olivia's spine (via Prior to that instance, Olivia was shot, dealt with a biotoxin, stabbed, and was even once dosed with LSD. Elsewhere, Olivia protected her son, Leo, from his father's mobster lifestyle and duked it out with Port Charles' Mayor Lomax over a public breastfeeding controversy (via Soap Central).

LoCicero has dealt with plenty of difficulty in her own life too. The actor opened up about her real-life father's recent passing on Instagram, writing, "I'd hoped this moment would never come. The best dad a girl could ever hope for passed away peacefully, as he lived his life ... surrounded by the love of his family. It still seems unreal that I am finally a member of this sad club." Wishing her dad could always be with her, LoCicero also shared how people had told her, "Grief comes in waves, and it's not what you expect."

She finished her tribute with: "Thank you, dad, for setting the bar high, for protecting me, and always showing us how much we were cherished ... I will remember you in healthy, smiling years before time took so many of the things you enjoyed ... I'll always have you with me Dad." After the "General Hospital" star faced a "scary" dental procedure, LoCicero confronted her other fears while simultaneously honoring her late father. 

The actor faced her fears while paying tribute to her father

"General Hospital" star Lisa LoCicero is actively confronting her fears. She posted a video ahead of her latest diving class, admitting on Twitter to having "slight PTSD going thru my photos." LoCicero added: "From this to night diving surrounded by hundreds of sharks and giant rays ... It was such a sentimental journey ... You can't outsmart grief, but pushing your limits is a nice way to shut it up for a sec." The actor included the hashtag #faceyourfear. 

LoCicero also posted photos and a video of her incredulous reaction to the experience on Instagram, sharing: "The woman in that first photo is scared ... I really did not believe that my anemic little body could do what I was asking it to do." The "GH" fan favorite went on to acknowledge how mind-blowing it was being so deep underwater with sharks and manta rays all around her — so close she could see "their weird little dead shark eyes."

Moreover, the soap star was alarmingly close to their teeth, too. LoCicero's confidence in herself continued: "As someone whose first theater movie was JAWS and who was picked last for every sports team, I can say I am proud of myself." Emphasizing how impactful the experience was, the actor ended with a touching note: "We just lost my beloved dad who loved the ocean slightly more than it terrified him ... I took him down there with me."