Here's How To Rock The Trending Bikercore Look

Trends such as normcore, gorpcore, and cottagecore have made their way to the forefront of the fashion scene, but bikercore may be the most rebellious of them all. As defined by Editorialist, bikercore is "an aesthetic that consists of luxe leathers and gritty hardware — buckles, studding, decorative zippers, you name it — creating an overall edgy, rock-rebel sensibility." It is the opposite of delicate dresses and materials such as chiffon and lace, though it can be contrasted with more traditionally feminine pieces for a subversive take on the trend.

Just like many trends that have been reinvented for 2022 but actually stem from earlier variations, the bikercore look began to gain popularity during the 2000s. Brands like Von Dutch played a major part in making the racer aesthetic more mainstream, allowing it to become the fully-fledged trend it is now. It's all about tough fabrics like leather and bold silhouettes like oversized jackets, platform boots, and accessories that demand attention. 

Not sure how to style the trend? No worries. There are plenty of ways to rock the bikercore look, whether you want to go full moto or simply dip your toe into the look.

One of the main aspects of the trend is the biker jacket

As you might expect, biker jackets are a huge part of the bikercore trend. Take a note from Bella Hadid and wear your jacket slightly oversized with a bold color scheme (via Refinery29). Or, find inspiration from Hailey Bieber, who went a step further with the boxy silhouette of her motocross jacket, pairing it with baggy cargos for a cool-girl look. The trick is for the jacket to look effortless and as though you just threw it on, so baggy jeans or cargos like Bieber's are the perfect items to pair with it.

Boots are chunky and motorcycle-inspired

Per L'Officiel, towering platform boots are a key aspect of bikercore. The chunkier the boot, the better. Make sure to get a pair with soles so lugged, you'll feel like you're about to climb on a motorcycle and ride off into the sunset (though maybe lower the height of your platform boots if you are planning to get on an actual motorcycle). While many bikercore boots are knee-high in line with typical moto boots, lower calf boots like the Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Leather boots are also a solid choice. So long as they're stompy, they're on-trend.

Oversized doesn't necessarily mean ill-fitting

If you worry your figure may be overwhelmed in a regular oversized moto jacket, you should opt for an oversized cropped silhouette instead. Grazia recommends ensuring the sleeves of your jacket are still baggy, though, as a boxier style is one of the main features of the motocross trend. You could style your cropped biker with a midi skirt for a feminine look with a bit of edge, or with loose trousers for a more androgynous look. Add chunky platform boots and you'll be on-trend even with an adapted silhouette. 

Leather pants are a staple of the trend and extremely versatile

Leather pants are another element of the bikercore trend that you need to incorporate. As outlined by Vogue, leather pants are both "stylish and functional," meaning they tie in well with the industrial aspect of the biker trend. Model Kendall Jenner has worn leather pants on several occasions now, and you can rock a pair with confidence too. Pair yours with a white tank top and a biker jacket on top for a truly badass look. For colder seasons, just swap out the tank top for a warmer layer.

Bikercore accessories are as tough as you might expect

The accessories of the bikercore trend are striking and contain an element of rebellion. A good example of this is when bright yellow motorcycle gloves were seen on the Dior runway, paired with a sleek halter-neck evening gown for a contrasting look (via i-D). This could be an attempt to juxtapose typically feminine outfit elements with more masculine ones, so don't be afraid to wear your moto gloves or leather wrist covers with a dress or midi skirt.

Head to the future (sort of) with a pair of sporty sunglasses

No longer confined to swim meets and skiing, sporty, goggle-esque sunglasses are a quintessential part of the bikercore trend. Don't rush to your local sports store, though. Take inspiration from the Prada and Bottega Veneta runways instead, in which models wore sunglasses that had a decidedly futuristic look to them (via Harper's Bazaar). The Lexxola Storm Slick sunglasses are a great option if you're fully committed to the look, or go for the Poppy Lissiman Caidyn sunglasses if you want less of a goggle effect.