Can You Really Curl Your Hair Using A Soda Can?

It seems like most viral beauty hacks and trends center around the use of an uncommon household product. TikTok creators are really out hereĀ wearing plastic wrap on their faces while applying makeup and placing leggings on their heads for the perfect overnight curl.

While some of these hacks seem downright silly, there's a psychological reason they pick up so much traction online. According to Visme, the human brain loves innovative ideas and concepts. When a seemingly unusual and creative hack appears on your social media timeline, a rush of dopamine hits your brain, giving you a rush of excitement and a desire to try it out yourself.

When a hair-curling hack involving a soda can went viral on #hairtok, many were left gobsmacked. With countless misleading viral videos out there, it's no surprise many would question whether you could actually place a strand of hair in a soda can to create perfect ringlets. So, is it really possible?

Yes, technically, you can curl your hair with a soda can

This hack went viral on TikTok by hair and beauty creator Jonathan Monroe when he shared a jaw-dropping video that racked up nearly 3 million views. In the clip, Monroe places a strand of hair into a soda can that looks to have the top part cut off. He moves the can up in small circular motions until it touches the root. Monroe then heats the can with a blow dryer, moving it up and down from the top of the can to the bottom. Once he slowly releases the can, he reveals a gorgeously bouncy curl.

Other social media influencers tried this hack and gave it a thumbs up, which can be viewed by searching for the hashtag #SodaCanCurls on TikTok. The strange thing is, it makes total sense once you discover how it works! As New York City-based colorist and Matrix hair educator Nicole Rolleri told Allure: "The reason this works is due to the heat hitting the can with your hair in it. The hot air is blowing in one singular direction, the same way it would blow to activate a curl with a hot tool." Huh, who knew?

Should you really give this trend a try?

Now that we've established that a soda can has the ability to double as a hair-curling tool, should you do it? Probably not. Cody Renegar, a celebrity hairstylist, author, and social media content creator with over 25 years in the hairstyling industry, posted a TikTok video about why you should avoid this potentially harmful trend.

According to Renegar, the original hair styling tools in the late 1800s were made of aluminum, but that eventually came to a halt because aluminum does not heat evenly. "It will create hotpots, and those hotspots will burn your hair off," Renegar says in the video. "It might not do it the first time or the second time, but it will burn your hair off, and you will end up with a coke can full of smoke and hair."

Not only that, but curling your hair with a soda can may seem tedious and pointless when compared to other hairstyling tools like a standard curling wand or iron. Renee Rodriguez, staff writer and social producer at PopSugar, tried this hack and admitted she probably wouldn't do it again. Not only was it a time-consuming process, but when that soda can got hot? Ouch. So, if you have a tool nearby that's purposely designed to curl your hair, you may want to reach for that first before heading to your fridge for that can of Coke.