How To Replicate This Winter's 'Glowing Aura' Nail Trend

Move over trendy nude nails and minimalist gray nails, because the latest winter nail art trend is all about being in touch with your emotions. Glowing aura nails, otherwise known simply as aura nails, are based around your own "personal energy" and are a fun way to express yourself and introduce some color to a season that is typically on the duller side (via Who What Wear). 

If you want to find your own aura, you can try out these methods. Per Glamour, some find they can see a hue around themselves when taking a selfie — this is your aura. Selfies not your vibe? Try looking at yourself in the mirror with a slight squint. If you see a color surrounding you, then that is your aura. Your personal aura color can mean different things, but the aura nail trend is more about self-expression than specifics, so don't get too caught up in thinking you must get your nails done in a particular color. 

Intrigued? Here's how to achieve the aura nail art trend and what exactly all the aura colors mean.

Our auras are all different, and aura nails aim to show this

According to color therapist Walaa, the aura you give off will be different depending on the nail color you pick (via PureWow). For example, blue represents trust and authenticity, whereas red symbolizes taking a stand using your body rather than your mind. Orange will let people know you feel happiness and can also contribute to letting emotion out, and green, as expected, takes its cue from nature by promoting growth and vulnerability. Violet allows people to see you are in touch with your artistic side, and pink represents compassion through love.

Start out with a nude base coat for best results

You'll need a set of products to replicate your own aura nail look. Speaking to Who What Wear, nail technician Lou Stokes recommended starting out with a base coat. This will stop your nails from chipping after all of your hard work and give you a smooth surface. Though most base coats are clear, Stokes shared that a nude base coat is the best choice for achieving aura nails— make sure to pick the right nude for you to create a look that works with your skin tone rather than against it.

The trick is to make sure everything is cured properly

Nail artist Aleanie Molina shared the trick to achieving perfect aura nails, and it's all about blooming gel (via Allure). She revealed that, before the main blooming gel layer goes underneath the curing lamp, she adds a small amount of gel nail polish in the center. This gel dot is what will give your nails the aura illusion, so pick a color that aligns with the aura that feels right for you. Once everything is dry, Molina suggests going in with a topcoat for an extra glossy finish.

You don't have to stick to your own aura color

The aura nail trend can take many different forms, so don't be surprised if you see lots of varying styles pop up on your feed. This is because everyone's aura manifests differently. As shared by Brooke Ozaydinli, Creative Marketing Lead at Instagram, many are using the emotions of existing color auras for their nails (via Byrdie). Ozaydinli revealed that "some people use these (existing aura colors) as guides for which color aura they'll use for their nails and some are choosing purely on aesthetics and mood," so don't feel under pressure to pick a particular aura because of what it represents.

Aura nails might help you be more in touch with your emotions

The most important thing to keep in mind when undertaking aura nails is that the trend is supposed to align with your feelings, not just look pretty (though of course, having pretty nails is a bonus). Next time you're following a tutorial or thinking of asking for aura nails at the salon, make sure the colors you choose match with your energy. Alternatively, go for a color that has the energy you want to put out. No matter the color(s) you go for, any aura combo will slay the nail game this winter.