Fun Joint Bachelor And Bachelorette Party Ideas For The Entire Wedding Crew

Let's face it — many traditional wedding rules are entirely outdated. To tie the knot in 2022, you don't need to get married in a church, have only one gender in each wedding party, print out physical invitations, or have your officiant be a religious figure — even your mom can officiate the wedding if she's ordained. So much has changed since the traditional wedding rules were created (why are there so many anyway?). For example, gone are the days of celebrating your big days separately. Many couples these days are opting for a joint bachelor or bachelorette party.

In fact, the joint celebration trend has become so popular that one in 10 couples go that route (via Wedding Wire). An excellent option for partners who share a lot of the same friends or simply want to spend as much time together leading up to their big day, joint bach parties are becoming less about "the last night of freedom" and more about celebrating with friends before the lifechanging "I do." Want to plan a joint celebration but have no idea where to start? We got you covered — here are some fun joint bachelor and bachelorette party ideas for the entire wedding crew.

Go on a road trip

Whether traveling to a popular bachelor/bachelorette location like Nashville or Vegas or heading to the coast and enjoying some sightseeing, the journey to the destination is part of the fun. Rent a bus, van, or even an RV for comfortable travel — and don't forget to create a party playlist to keep the good vibes going. Download that Spotify playlist and other forms of entertainment like movies and shows just in case you run into WiFi or data trouble on the trip (via Travel + Leisure).

Pro tip: Write the bride or groom's Venmo or Cash App account on the vehicle's windows, with a cute and snappy saying to encourage all who pass on the road to donate to their bach fund. Phrases like "last fling before the ring!" or "buy the bride and groom a drink!" are bound to get attention (and cash in the happy couple's pockets).

Plan some friendly competition

Who doesn't enjoy a spirited boys vs. girls showdown? For the sporty and physical friend group who love to get down and dirty, flag football, relay races, or Olympic-style games are fun options. Get matching T-shirts, rent space at a gym, or head to a local park to get the full experience. There are some hilarious relay race ideas online, including the one in this TikTok video posted by @ShaniceHarper. Don't be afraid to get creative! For the board game-loving friend group, a classic game night with snacks and drinks is always a fun time too.

Pro tip: Drinking games totally count as competitive sports (and we know bach parties are notorious for being a boozy, fun time). Feel free to incorporate some of your favorite spirits into the mix, like having each competitor down a few chugs of beer before beginning the obstacle race or taking a sip of their drink whenever they lose. Of course, drink responsibly and be aware of the laws in your state regarding drinking in public (getting the cops involved would be a total buzzkill).

Rent an Airbnb and enjoy separate activities (then come back together)

For couples who love the traditional bachelor and bachelorette party idea but want a fun twist, renting an Airbnb or a cheaper alternative to Airbnb where everybody can end the night together is a great option. Whether at a destination spot in another state or in your hometown, getting away for the night (or weekend) is a classic bach celebration idea. One group can go out and do their thing: spa day, wine tasting, clubbing, or cocktails. Meanwhile, the other group can do theirs: golf, cigar bar, whiskey tasting, or bar hopping. Then, at the night's end, everyone comes together for an after party or wind down with a movie and snacks.

Pro tip: Create a scavenger hunt of things to accomplish while apart for the day. Check out these fun templates on Etsy, or create your own from scratch. Some items on the list can be anywhere from buying the bride a drink, getting a piggyback ride from a stranger, or taking a selfie with a bartender. Don't forget to snap a picture for proof! By the end of the night or weekend, you'll have a collection of hilariously fun photos to look back on and even post to Insta.

Go camping (or glamping)

Packing up the car and heading out for a weekend under the stars is a fun way to unwind, relax, and become one with nature with all your besties. You can go the traditional route and get down and dirty in the wilderness by pitching tents, building a fire, and going on a group hike. Or, embrace the cozy cabincore trend with comfy beds and WiFi for those who want to be one with nature and enjoy a hot shower. Kampgrounds of America is a great resource for finding the campsite of your dreams, connecting you to their 500+ campgrounds across North America.

Pro tip: Check out adult-only summer camps across the country that exist to release your inner child, complete with fun activities and cabins but better — because most have open bars, themed parties, and of course, no curfews. They have horseback riding, hot tubbing, yoga, bumper cars, laser tag, bowling, boating, and fishing. Need we go on? This option is perfect for the bach groups who love adventure with a bit of razzle-dazzle and adult-themed activities.

Throw a pool party

A classic pool party is an excellent option for couples tying the knot around summertime. Toss some beer and rosé in a cooler, throw some hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill, and of course, wear matching swimsuits. When planning a pool party, be sure to incorporate several pool floaties and decorations, as they play a vital role in creating an overall fun vibe (per StyleCraze). Don't forget to make that backyard BBQ playlist, and get creative with the pool games, too. Did you know inflatable beer pong tables exist? Whether the goal is to lay poolside and catch a tan or do flips off the springboard, nobody can resist a classic pool party.

Pro tip: Just because the sun will eventually go down doesn't mean the pool party has to end. Get a projector, hang a large white sheet, and watch a movie from the pool while sitting in an inflatable lounge chair or floaty. This is especially fun for those who love a spooky shark movie. And of course, you could never go wrong with a rom-com. Either way, there are so many options out there to choose from, bound to give you the most unforgettable joint bachelor/bachelorette party ever.