Cuff Jewelry Will Be One Of The Hottest Trends Of Spring 2023

An easy way to elevate any outfit is with accessories. We're talking about headbands, purses, belts, and of course, jewelry. Our beloved ornaments come in all shapes and sizes. Typically, modern-day jewelry is made with precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum, according to Britannica. They are usually pieces with valued stones too, like pearls and diamonds. But meaningful jewelry can be made with anything. That camp bracelet designed from lanyards and plastic beads is fabulous.

DIY jewelry made a comeback in 2021, according to The Web Capitals, on time with the craft core trend. The rich and famous, like Gigi Hadid, Demi Lovato, and Chiara Ferragni, share their beaded necklaces and phone charms with Instagram causing all the rave. Even high-end designer Bottega Veneta has a crafty collection. But while homemade pieces captured the heart of 2022, cuff jewelry will be the star of 2023. Get the jump on the hottest jewelry. We sure will.

What is cuff jewelry?

There are several designs of cuff jewelry. They typically wrap around the upper arm or wrist. You might see them listed as bicep bracelets, arm cuffs, armlets, armbands, or cuff bracelets. The fashion industry might not agree on one name, but they do agree these luxury pieces are stellar. According to Gem Select, cuff jewelry dates back to ancient cultures. Civilizations around the globe adorned armlets on their biceps. Sleeves may have kept cuff jewelry from being as popular as earrings but not anymore.

How to style it

After grabbing these jewels off the runway, you have to know how to style them. You can pair your arm cuff with any short sleeve clothing. We're talking vests, tube tops, halter neck dresses, and everything in between. They accentuate your arms flawlessly. But don't let a sleeve stop you from wearing cuff bracelets. Prada styled their collection over sweaters, according to What Who Wear. An armband can be a simple way to dress up a sweater and other long-sleeve pieces. But what are the fashion icons saying about cuff jewelry?

What the experts are saying

Cuff jewelry will make you stand out on any occasion. A co-founder of the jewelry consultancy business Adorn, Maia Adams, says it best, "we are looking for new ways to make a fresh jewelry statement and the upper arm bangle/cuff is a great way to do this," via The New York Times. An arm cuff can make a simple black dress red-carpet-ready. It won't take away from your face like flashy statement earrings or your outfit like grand necklaces. The jewelry business mogul describes the pieces as "fun and attention-grabbing." You don't have to spend a lot to recreate this trend either.

DIY cuff jewelry

If your budget doesn't have room for runway jewelry, fear not. You can still be part of the cuff jewelry tread with DIY upper arm bracelets. On TikTok, there are over two million views for the "arm cuff DIY" search. Content creators used their fair share of metal wires and beads to make one-of-a-kind pieces. For an easier cheat, fit your favorite bracelet to your bicep. You can even sacrifice one chain from your layers of necklaces to wrap around your arm. The only thing people will be able to tell is that you have style.