How To Save Your Bad At-Home Haircut

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Many of us have likely done it at one point or another. In a moment of inspiration from seeing someone trim their own modern shag haircut on TikTok or from a dose of confidence for finally getting those bangs, the temptation to cut your own hair can crop up when we least expect it. Sometimes you can see it coming; other times, you surprise yourself with your own desire to reinvent your look quicker than you can say "snip snip." 

Between how much money we know we'll save from grabbing a pair of scissors and chopping off our ponytail ourselves rather than going to the salon and the instant gratification of being able to try out a bob just minutes after you see someone pulling it off on Instagram, the possibility of an at-home haircut is certainly appealing. Still, we all know just how wrong that can go.

Luckily, even if you've given yourself a bad haircut before, or if this is your first time being your own hairdresser, there are ways to make your at-home haircut go way better than you might expect. Sure –- most of us won't be able to style hair like professionals, but with a few easy tips, you can set yourself up for success.

Preventing a bad at-home haircut

If you haven't snipped your hair quite yet, there are ways to make sure your haircut turns out how you want it to before it happens. For starters, make sure your hair is dry before you begin your haircut (via Byrdie). Yes -– this probably goes against your instinct, since it's probably pretty likely your hairdresser usually cuts your hair when it's wet. Trust us, though: if you cut your hair when it's dry, it'll be much easier to know how short you're going before you do the cutting and not once it's too late. 

The next step: put down your kitchen scissors, according to Allure. We repeat, put down your kitchen scissors. You need especially sharp, specific scissors to get a haircut that actually looks good — such as this pair from Amazon. Not only will a pair of actual hair-cutting scissors give you much better results, but in the 24 hours it takes for Amazon to deliver said scissors to you, you'll be able to take a minute to decide exactly what kind of haircut you want to give yourself. Can you tell we've found ourselves in an impulsively-cut-curtain-bang situation before?

The solution to at-home haircut mistakes

If you've already given yourself some uneven bangs or a choppy bob, all is not lost. Whether you've already taken some chunks out of your locks, or you're just about to embark on your first snip, there are a few key tips. For starters, per Allure, start with tiny cuts instead of big ones. Even if you're looking to take a lot of length off of your hair, work your way up to a more drastic cut. This will give you more freedom and control over the end result. According to Byrdie, the first few cuts you'll make are the most important, and they can dictate how the haircut will ultimately turn out. Make sure to take your time here and avoid drastic chops. 

Your scissors should be pointed up vertically into the bottom of your hair, rather than straight across. This way, your cut will look more natural and leave less room for lopsidedness. Cut up into the hair with tiny snips, and use this motion to build the shape of your haircut as you go, which will help you to even out your haircut. If you find that your haircut is too short, remember that hair grows an average of a half inch per month (via Kiehl's). So, pin those bangs back or pull that hair back into a bun, and load up on those reparative products. You'll be ready for another haircut in no time.