10 Travel Menorahs To Celebrate Hanukkah Wherever You Are

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Lighting up the darkness of winter, Hanukkah 2022 begins on the evening of December 18. The Jewish holiday is well known for lasting "eight crazy nights," as Adam Sandler's song so memorably put it (via YouTube), but it has a deeper meaning too. Per Reader's Digest, Hanukkah celebrates victory over impossible odds: In ancient Israel, a small band of Jewish warriors known as the Maccabees defeated the Syrian Greeks who had tyrannized the land and destroyed the Holy Temple. 

Legend has it that when the temple was rededicated and its eternal-flame lamp relit, there was only enough oil to last one day. But the lamp burned for a full eight days, enough time to press new oil. An important part of any Hanukkah celebration is the lighting of the nine-branched candelabra known as a menorah or hanukkiah. One candle is added each night and lit with the shammash, or helper, candle until the entire menorah is glowing on the eighth night. 

My Jewish Learning notes that it's customary to display a menorah in a front-facing window to remind passersby of the miracle that happened long ago. It's also traditional to eat latkes (potato pancakes), jelly doughnuts, and other oil-fried foods — this particular holiday is no time to be dieting. Menorahs come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials — there are even ones made for traveling if you're going out of town for the holiday. Check out this selection of portable holders to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Back to basics

Fancy brass, glass, or ceramic menorahs are beautiful to display and use at home, but when you're traveling, all you really need is a simple, practical candleholder that's easy to pack and go. One such basic option is this tin menorah from JewFadz ($12.99). It's not only lightweight but also a storage container for your candles. Put each day's candle count into the inserts on the lid, and you're ready to light them and say the blessing in your hotel room or Airbnb. 

A stylish electric design

When you're traveling during Hanukkah, it's not always practical or safe to use a traditional candle-burning hanukkiah. Fortunately, battery-powered versions are a convenient and safe alternative. This mini-menorah from The Dreidel Company ($14.99) can be run via USB cable if you don't have the AAA batteries handy. The tree design is a popular one for menorahs; it's based on a verse in the Book of Proverbs that refers to the Torah as a "tree of life to all who hold fast to it" (via The Dayton Jewish Observer).

Magnet power

Cazenove's Magnetic Hanukkah Travel Menorah ($17.99) is as handy as it gets. The bottom of the box acts as the base of the menorah, and the nine holders magnetically attach in the formation of your choice. Pins in the middle of the holders keep the candles in place (they're included!), and the lid also catches the dripping wax. The whole set is small enough to pack in the pocket of a suitcase or backpack, too. Just pick up a box of matches, and you're all set.

Little but powerful

This little Go Menorah from Rite Lite ($15.69) is, as the box describes, a great way to celebrate the joy of Hanukkah from just about anywhere: On the road, in a college dorm, on your desk, or even as an addition to a friend's holiday party. The LED lights eliminate the need for matches — just press the power button once for the first night, twice for the second, etc. For a nifty bonus, once all eight candles are lit, press the button again, and the light pattern will change to a flashing, ripple, or chasing effect. 

The perfect menorah for kids

Young children can enjoy all the fun of lighting the Hanukkah menorah with none of the worries when they have a candleholder made just for them. This wooden children's Hanukkah menorah from The Dreidel Company ($22.99) comes with nine detachable candles sized just right for little fingers. The color coding of the base and candles also makes for a fun matching activity. Both menorah and candles come in their own pouch for ease of traveling. Whether your kids also get a puppy, as in this viral Hanukkah song by Daveed Diggs, is entirely up to you.

Fold and go for the holiday

Bet you've never seen a menorah like this before! At just four inches long, this folding menorah from Yair Emanuel ($38) flips open to reveal nine slots for holding standard Hanukkah candles. The hammered metal design adds a modern flair to the classic symbol. Reviewers on Amazon rave about its convenience and size, although they do caution that the hinge tends to loosen with use. Because the candles are placed so close together, they may also melt faster than in traditional menorahs. 

Arrange your own design

This clever Hanukkah menorah was made for those who love to think outside the box. Unlike traditional designs, which have fixed candleholders, this Miracle Edition Prisms Menorah, available at ModernTribe, comes in a set of nine separate angled blocks that can be arranged together or separately (one set of candles is included). Granted, at $80, it's pricier than most other portable menorahs. But with 106 possible assembly variations, you could arrange it a different way each night of Hanukkah for a little over 13 years without once duplicating the pattern.

Durable and portable

Another flexible menorah option is the Modern Travel Hanukkah Menorah by Project Lev ($69.99). Just 3.5 inches in its square form, the puzzle-like candleholder is made of nine pieces that can be taken apart and laid out in a straight line or any other design of your choice. Another plus: It's made of cement, making it a more durable menorah than a standard ceramic or plastic variety. Tucked inside a tote or suitcase, it will withstand any trip with ease. 

An old-school lamp

For a traditional touch to your Hanukkah travels, bring along this Ner Mitzvah On the Go Travel Menorah ($17.49). The non-spill cups are filled with olive oil, just like the original menorah in the ancient temple in Jerusalem. A beeswax candle is included to light the cotton wicks. Don't expect another Hanukkah miracle, however: When lit, the cups burn out in a couple of hours, so depending on when you begin using it, this menorah might only last a night or two.

A colorful option

Our Jewish ancestors surely never imagined anything like this back in the day, but even they might have appreciated this LED Electric Hanukkah Menorah from Ner Mitzvah ($39.99). It combines classic design with 21st-century tech. With a touch of the remote control, you can choose from the first through the eighth night of Hanukkah, and the proper number of bulbs will light up automatically. But wait: You can also choose from four flame colors, and set a timer to turn off the lights after one or four hours.