Joe And Jill Biden's Cat Willow Delights In First White House Christmas Video

One of the happiest responsibilities of a first lady is spearheading the annual Christmas display in the White House. WIth her 2022 efforts, Dr. Jill Biden's White House Christmas décor may be her best yet. The entry hall is reminiscent of a snow-covered birch forest, and many of the trees reflect this year's theme of "We the People." Other pines honor Gold Star families and state birds. The traditional gingerbread display even includes a replica of Independence Hall (via the Daily Mail). But one of the most striking displays is in the East Room, where the fireplace is flanked by two large books guarded by life-sized replicas of the Bidens' two pets: Commander, a German Shepherd pup, and Willow, the cat the family adopted in January 2022, per NPR.

To celebrate Willow's first Christmas in the White House, Dr. Biden arranged a video shoot of the curious gray tabby exploring the decorated halls. Cats are often skittish in new environments, but Willow seemed totally chill about having her house taken over by trees. As seen in the first lady's Instagram post, Willow gazed up in wonder at the shiny ornaments, sniffed at the artificial snow piled around the trunks, and took a closer look at the stack of books by the display featuring her likeness. But her favorite part of the experience was when Dr. Biden presented her with a box of cat toys. (Naturally, being a cat, she tried to climb into the box!)

Willow's antics charmed the internet

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden's Christmas post featuring Willow, the First Cat, quickly racked up more than 151,000 likes on Instagram. While there was some political snarking, commenters were, on the whole, charmed by the tabby's antics. "The cat looks like she's thinking yes this is where I should've been living all along," said a fan. Some recalled that the previous residents of the White House, Donald and Melania Trump, had no pets of their own. "So nice to see animal lovers in the White House," a follower approved. "Animal lovers make better leaders!!" said another.

Responders were especially impressed by Willow's purr-fect manners; she carefully picked her way around the decorations without disturbing so much as a flake of fake snow. "Willow is exceptionally well-behaved around those trees," one follower noted. A skeptic responded: "Her face. Her crouch. Her little tail flick. Definitely knocked them ALLLLL over once filming was done." Others wanted to know if she really has the run of the full White House, as the video might suggest, and if she ever gets lost. Even those who don't agree with the Bidens' policies had to admit their cat is irresistible. "Finally one thing for me to like about this Administration," one said. Another quipped, "I love Willow. Even if she is a Democat." 

The Bidens are expected to celebrate Christmas at the White House this year, per the Washington Examiner. We're guessing Willow will get a treat or two in her stocking.