What We Know About Prince Harry's Highly-Anticipated British TV Interview Ahead Of Spare

Although it wasn't quite as revelatory as royal watchers were expecting, or perhaps hoping, there's no denying "Harry & Meghan" is a monster hit. In fact, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's documentary became a record breaker for Netflix even ahead of its second installment, solidifying just how much of an appetite there was for Sussex-based content. However, with the year winding down, fans and royals alike are eagerly awaiting the couple's next big project.

Harry's highly-anticipated memoir, "Spare," drops on January 10 and according to insiders, it makes the Netflix series look like child's play in comparison. The Times reports that the book "includes claims about the monarchy that are more incendiary than those made in the Netflix series." King Charles III might be getting the worst of it too, with royal expert Andrew Morton admitting to Us Weekly that, if he were Harry's father, "I'd be looking for a pile of coats to hide under."

The Duke of Sussex is preparing to hit the promotional trail at the moment, so he's going to have to answer for himself sooner rather than later. Luckily for Harry, there will be at least one familiar face along the way. 

The Duke of Sussex is sitting down with an old friend

Prince Harry is set to sit down with Anderson Cooper for another tell-all interview next month. But, back in his former home, the Duke of Sussex will be chatting to a friendly face — also while promoting his upcoming memoir, "Spare." The Times confirms that Tom Bradby, who was one of the first people Meghan Markle opened up to about her mental health struggles while she was a part of the royal family, is currently recording the interview, which will be broadcast on ITV.

Bradby has known Harry for years and remains on good terms with both him and Meghan. As the Daily Mail points out, the veteran journalist pointedly asked the duchess about her mental state during a royal tour of South Africa, but the reaction from the British public was largely negative. It marked a major turning point for the former "Suits" star, who admitted in "Harry & Meghan" that it was the moment she and Harry began seriously discussing what needed to change.

Despite the popularity of their Netflix series, the Sussexes didn't really drop too many bombshells over the six episodes. The palace is expecting "Spare" to be significantly more explosive, especially considering Harry has reportedly written about his strained relationship with his father, King Charles III, how the death of his mother affected him growing up, and the toll Charles's new relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles took on their family, among many other things.