The Best Bra Types For Smaller Chests

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There are a lot of pros to having a chest that's on the smaller side. The ability to lie on your stomach comfortably, exercising with ease, going braless, etc. While there are certainly benefits that come with being smaller chested, finding bras targeted at smaller chests is definitely not one of them.

Even after you've measured your bra size at home to discover the accurate dimensions for a bra that should fit you properly, you may still find yourself suffering from gaps in between the bra and your chest, tight straps, or bras that don't stay on properly. Other than the size, the shape and design of a bra is also important. With more companies creating bras specifically for smaller chest sizes, there's no need to suffer with the wrong fit of a bra.

From everyday t-shirt bras to push-up bras for special occasions, here are the best bra types for smaller chests.

Demi-cup bras

If you want to give your breasts a bit more of a lift, the slender shape of a demi bra will do the trick. Great for smaller frames, demi cups don't offer as much chest coverage, creating the illusion of a fuller chest, says Leonisa, a company that sells lingerie, shapewear, and athletic clothing. The Timpa Alice Lace Underwire Demi Bra offers support for the lower part of the chest while having a low cut, pushing up the chest without super heavy padding. It can fit an AA cup and has delicate, scalloped lacing on the cups.

Triangle bras

Offering full, yet lightweight coverage, a triangle bra is ideal for people with smaller chest sizes, per Princesse Tam Tam. Wrapping around the curves and contours of the chest, triangle bras give support while forming a plunging cleavage, ideal for lower cut tops and dresses. Coming as both a bralette and an underwire bra, triangle bralettes are typically a more comfortable option for people with a smaller bust. The SKIMS Fits Everybody Triangle Bralette comes in a large array of sizes, ranging from a 30A to a 44DD. The bra has a true-to-size fit and is flexible for ultimate comfort.

T-Shirt bras

People with smaller chests know the struggle of wearing bras with gaping cups. Rather than fitting with the size of your breasts, they puff out, making your shirt dip into the cups awkwardly. T-shirt bras fix that dilemma, molding to the shape of your chest without being visible underneath your clothes (via ThirdLove). Known for its half sizes and perfect fit, ThirdLove Bras are definitely worth the money. Its best-selling bra, the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra, is a fan-favorite for a reason. With memory foam for a comfortable fit and flexible underwire, it's a great fit for any chest.

Push-up bras

If you've ever had a dress or blouse that just needed a bit more oomph, then you already know that a great push-up bra provides exactly what you're looking for. If you don't want to bandage yourself with boob tape, push-up bras give the appearance of a fuller cleavage. This is thanks to padding in the bottom half of the cup that nudges the breasts upwards, notes Clovia. Great for halter tops and strapless dresses, the Dobreva Strapless Push Up Convertible Bra is a true-to-size bra that stays put and boosts the cleavage to appear larger.

Plunge bras

If the push-up bra is designed to lift your breasts up for a higher cleavage, the plunge bra pushes them together, creating a deep line of cleavage with the angled cups. They typically have less padding than push-up bras, notes The Better Fit, giving you a larger-looking chest by working with what you have. The Cuup Plunge Mesh Bra is lightweight and breathable, providing the comfort that comes with wearing a bralette. The V-shaped neckline is ideal for lower-cut tops that risk exposing your bra.

Balconette bras

As Bendon Lingerie states, the balconette is the sister of the demi cup bra. With straps set wider apart and hollower cups, balconette bras can be worn under clothes with wide or square-shaped necklines. Just like demi cups, they support the bottom half of the chest, allowing the top half to have a fuller shape. For a dainty bra that still holds the girls up, the Skarlett Blue Entice Balconette Bra is your best candidate. The bra fits a wide variety of sizes, with adjustable straps in the front to customize your fit.

Bandeau bras

A flexible piece of fabric that stretches across the chest, bandeau bras are one of the most comfortable bras for people with smaller busts. With a thick, elastic band at the top and bottom, bandeau bras hold up the chest despite the fact that it lacks straps (via The Better Fit). At $14.99 for a small-sized pack of three, the Kinyaoyao Seamless Bandeau Padded Bralettes are an absolute steal. The wire-free bras come with removable pads so you can adjust your bust size to your liking.