General Hospital's Maurice Benard Had The Funniest Reaction To Finding Out About Grandbaby No. 3

Ever since he began playing mobster Sonny Corinthos on "General Hospital" in 1993, soap star Maurice Benard has cultivated a loyal fan base. After he opened up about having bipolar disorder, he has not only let the fans in to his personal life, but has also shown another side of himself. 

Sonny had a rough upbringing, especially when his stepfather Deke Woods used to beat both Sonny and his mother Adela Corinthos Woods (Iris Almario). Deke also regularly locked Sonny in a closet as punishment, thereby creating a deep-seated claustrophobia in the young boy. Sonny grew up to take over the local mob, headquartered in Port Charles, New York. He became a brooding, dark character who — although he doesn't tolerate drugs and prostitution in his territory — is a criminal force to be reckoned with that has both thrilled and chilled fans (via Soap Central).

Benard has not only infused some of his own darkness into the character, but also loves to show people his comedic side on social media. He often makes hilarious videos with his friends, co-stars Marcus Coloma and Kin Shriner. In one recent video they posted on Instagram, Coloma approaches Benard's house but is warned that Benard is "really violent right now." Coloma walks in and meets Benard — a really short, angry mobster who speaks in a high-pitched, nasally voice.

Benard loves lampooning his method acting and is unafraid to reveal to people his vulnerable and humorous sides.

Maurice Benard gets confused by a family announcement

Soap opera star Maurice Benard has been very open about his personal life with fans, sharing family milestones throughout the years. As Soaps She Knows explained, his daughter Cailey is so much like her father that she's been referred to as his "mini-me," and he also has two beloved grandchildren.

Of all the hilarious videos Benard has shared with viewers, none are as funny as his reaction in the most recent one on Instagram. In an unscripted scene, Benard is holding his granddaughter, Tiana, while a voice off-camera says, "1, 2, 3, Cailey's pregnant! Say Cheese!" Benard has a bewildered reaction and says, "Again?" His wife Paula, from off-camera, reminds him that Cailey hasn't been pregnant before. Stunned, he follows this up with, "I was tongue tied for a second."

After composing himself, he posted the video writing in the caption, "CAILEY IS PREGNANT This is what confusion, happy and shock looks like another grandchild. What more can any grandfather ask for?" adding, "You get to play with them and then they go home to their parents. This child couldn't be in better hands with Cailey and Carlos [Cailey's husband]." 

Friends, family, and fans all sent their congratulations on the announcement of his third grandchild being on the way. Someone who enjoyed the hilarity of Benard's reaction responded, "This was the BEST. Congrats. Who is laughing so hard in the background?"

Once again, Benard's genuine attitude shows why he's so loved by viewers.