What's The Biggest Bombshell From Harry & Meghan Part 2? Here's What Royals Fans Say - Exclusive Survey

Ever since the "Megxit," the world has been fascinated with the story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. From Harry's unique childhood to the couple's whirlwind romance, fans and critics alike have speculated for years about what their royal life is really like. In a new documentary series released on Netflix, the Sussexes sat down to set the record straight. "Harry & Meghan" is a first hand account from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex themselves, outlining their love story and the hardships they have faced while navigating life in the spotlight. According to Netflix, over 28 million households tuned in to watch the first installment of episodes that highlighted the couple's early years and love story. The second installment of episodes was released on December 15, with another overwhelming majority of viewers tuning in to get even more juicy details about the Sussexes' life.

The second installment of "Harry & Meghan" had some of the most emotional moments and the couple shared plenty of those moments and startling revelations in the limited series Netflix series. To find out which details were most shocking to fans, The List conducted a survey on YouTube, asking, "What's the biggest bombshell you've learned from Part 2 of Prince Harry & Meghan's documentary?"

Fans were shocked by this royal detail that Prince Harry revealed

The Sussexes will tell you that royal life is no walk in the park. While watching their new documentary, fans got the inside scoop on the royal couple's true feelings. According to The List's survey, where over 10,000 fans voted on YouTube, the biggest bombshell was who Harry blamed for Meghan's miscarriage. Nearly 48% of fans were shocked to find out that Harry thinks the media was at fault for their loss, specifically blaming the lawsuit between Meghan and the media outlet, The Daily Mail.

According to Newsweek, "Meghan was suing The Mail on Sunday for breach of privacy and copyright after it published a letter she had sent to her father." Harry shared in the documentary that, like many who miscarry, the cause of the loss is not known for certain. But they are certain the timing of the lawsuit contributed to her "stress and lack of sleep" that may have caused it. Meghan opened up about her heartbreaking miscarriage in a The New York Times piece back in 2020 but did not reveal the details of the suspected cause.

Viewers couldn't believe that the Sussexes shared these bombshells

The news of Prince Harry blaming the media for Meghan's miscarriage was shocking, but it wasn't the only bombshell that left "Harry & Meghan” viewers speechless. According to The List's survey, 26% of voters were stunned to learn that Prince William screamed and shouted at Harry during a summit where they discussed Meghan's place in the royal family. In Episode 5 of the Netflix series, Prince Harry revealed, "It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me, and my father say things that just simply weren't true, and my grandmother quietly sit there and sort of take it all in," per CNBC.

Another 11% of voters were shocked to learn the reasons for William and Harry's fallout, although it is reported that Prince William is taking the high road amidst the release of his brother's documentary. How Harry initially reacted to Meghan's mental health struggles (6%) and the news that Meghan asking King Charles to walk her down the aisle (9%) were also hot topics of discussions that left fans practically speechless.

For these juicy details and more, all episodes of the documentary series "Harry & Meghan" are now available to stream on Netflix.