Baseball Caps Aren't Just For Baseball Anymore

When you want to look stylish without actually having to put in the effort, there's one accessory that can save most looks and make it seem like you tried: a baseball cap. Since its invention in the 1800s, per Epic Sports, the baseball cap has come a long way, on and off the field. Let's face it — baseball caps aren't worn solely on the heads of professional athletes anymore. And these days, they have the ability to pull almost any outfit together.

And we aren't just talking casual outfits either. If you paid attention to the red carpet looks at the 2022 Met Gala, specifically makeup mogul Kylie Jenner's, you know that baseball caps are a versatile accessory paired with even the most extravagant ensembles, like a wedding gown. Even though you probably aren't dying to recreate that look, as depicted by the brutal tweets her outfit conjured according to Daily Mail, it's safe to say that there's no outfit a baseball cap hasn't been paired with at this point.

If you've built a pretty impressive collection of baseball caps and need fresh inspiration on how to style them, you've come to the right place. We, too, have built a pretty impressive collection, but ours involve the many ways you can turn heads by perfectly styling that athletic-gear-turned-fashion-accessory. From casual fits to dressy ensembles, here are a few of the best ways you can style that baseball cap.

The perfect addition to your casual flannel fit

Flannel shirts are one of those wardrobe pieces that never go out of style. Pair it with a classic baseball cap, and you'll have a casual outfit that's perfectly tied together. Plus, since flannel shirts come in several colors, finding a cap to match isn't a tricky task. If you want to take it one step further, ditch the leggings or jeans for something a little more refined. According to fashion features editor Laura Hawkins, who spoke with Vogue UK, "Today a plaid shirt can be given immediate polish if worn with a tuxedo suit and crystal jewellery."

Dress down your classy beige blazer with a baseball cap

Blazers aren't just for the office anymore. In fact, they have quickly become a major must-have wardrobe staple, often paired with casual daytime outfits for a dash of sophistication. According to InStyle, celebrities like Dua Lipa and Hailey Bieber approve of the look as they are frequently seen sporting trendy blazers out and about. Pair the outfit with a baseball cap, and you'll be left with an ensemble perfectly tied together with a casual yet polished look.

A fluffy baseball cap is the perfect fall and winter accessory

The colder months are the perfect time to whip out all the fuzzy, cozy clothing and accessories in your closet. This fuzzy material, also called "teddy" material, according to Cosmopolitan, is a popular choice of fabric many reach for once summer says goodbye for the year. And surprise! You can find baseball caps made with this teddy fabric, which adds a cozy vibe to any winter or fall look. Pair it with a warm sweater and slacks, or throw on a pair of shorts for those who live in warmer areas.

All black everything (+ gold accessories)

There's something so powerful and sexy about wearing black from head to toe. A survey shared by Buytshirtsonline revealed that out of 1,000 participants, a majority of them agreed that a person exudes confidence and intelligence when wearing the pitch-black color. And when you add a black baseball cap to that all-black outfit? You'll look unstoppable. Dress the look up with your favorite gold chain jewelry for a pop of warm color.

Add some oomph to that pretty floral dress

Gone are the days of thinking you must have clean, perfectly polished hair when wearing a pretty floral dress. A baseball cap is the perfect addition to a sundress, which adds a sporty look, especially when tied together with a pair of white sneakers. You can even wear a floral maxi dress with your cap, as seen by Paris Hilton at the 2022 Formula One Grand Prix at Miami International Autodrome (via Yahoo). If your dress has a floral print (or any print for that matter), reach for a solid-color baseball cap to tie the look together.

Get the edgy look with a leather baseball cap and shades

Leather has a bold, edgy, sexy, and timeless feel, and you don't need to wear a heavy leather jacket or blazer to convey such a confident aesthetic. Instead, reach for a leather baseball cap for that edgy look, and pop on a pair of sunglasses to take that vibe to the next level. According to PureWow, snag a pair of sunglasses with a sporty aesthetic, like aviators, so the outfit looks deliberately complete and not like you're wearing a disguise. Top the look off with a casual two-piece outfit and cardigan for a sweet yet edgy look.

Little black dress? How about little white dress

Spice up that little white dress with a baseball cap to add some fun and playfulness to your outfit. Whether the dress is paired with a jean jacket or on its own, completing the look with a baseball cap brings an otherwise basic look together. Evie Magazine recommends throwing on a pair of knee-high white socks for a tennis-girl vibe, especially if your dress has a collar or tennis skirt. And no, you don't need to know how to play tennis to emulate the super cute and sporty look.

Matching sweatsuit and a baseball cap = a winning combo

Although not an entirely new trend, the matching sweatsuit, thanks to the pandemic, has become a significant wardrobe staple for many who prefer to live in stylish comfort. And according to Vogue, a two-piece matching set makes you look chic without looking like you spent all day putting your outfit together. What better way to take that look to the next level than pairing it with a matching baseball cap? On its own, a matching set screams, "I'm cute and comfy." Adding a cap just pushes that vibe to the next level.

Keep the look monochromatic

Back in the day, you may have been told that wearing the same color, or variation of the same color, from head to toe, was a fashion no-no. But we're here to say it's a fashion yes-yes, especially when paired with a matching baseball cap. A monochromatic look, according to Cosmopolitan, is definitely in style. And the colors don't have to match perfectly! As long as the pieces fall under the umbrella of that one base color, you'll be able to pull it off beautifully, especially if you choose neutral shades of brown and beige.

Pair it with sophisticated trousers and casual crewneck

You may think that the bottom half of your outfit must consist of leggings, sweats, or jeans to pull off a look tied together with a casual baseball cap. But nope! A classy pair of trouser pants are an excellent option, especially for those who want to hold onto some sophistication while staying casual. And if crewneck sweaters aren't your thing, Byrdie recommends reaching for a knitted sweater or oversized top. Complete the look with classic white sneakers or loafers.

Give your outfit a pop with a print or bold color

If your outfit is a solid color and you're looking to spice it up with a fun print, look toward your baseball cap for help. A bold color or pattern will add dimension and texture to your outfit, so the ensemble isn't too flat. This will draw attention to your cap while simultaneously pulling the entire look together. But if you're looking to go bold, you can certainly mix your patterns, paying close attention to the colors and hues within each pattern so that they coordinate together (via MasterClass).

Add a baseball cap to a cozy sweater and boot-cut jeans

Sometimes, you just want to go the casual, comfy, relaxed route, and adding a baseball cap to the look is a surefire way of achieving that. A tried-and-true jeans and sweater combo is a timeless and classic look, especially when paired with a chunky heel or boot. Although a turtleneck sweater works perfectly with this fit, If you have a round face shape, you may want to steer clear of them, or they can accentuate your shape even more when sandwiched between the baseball cap and turtleneck sweater (via Lady Refines). 

Wear it with a jersey, of course!

Of course, a baseball jersey is one of the most appropriate staples to wear with your baseball cap. And that doesn't mean you have to look like you're headed to the game, either. Throw on an oversized scarf, dad jeans, and a long, cozy trench coat to elevate the look. Or, go the complete opposite route and showcase the fashionista in you by pairing your jersey and baseball cap with a sleek pair of shorts or skirt and heels (via PopSugar). Regardless of your choice, that baseball cap is sure to look stunning, whether you're dressed up or down.