Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth's New Video Is Making Fans Jittery

Today's moms have a variety of parenting "styles" to choose from once their little one arrives. They can be authoritarian "because I said so" types who expect their kids to toe the line, "helicopter moms" who hover over everything their child does just in case (per CafeMom), "free-range" mothers who give their children plenty of independence, or even "tiger moms" who push them to excel at all times. But as far as certain commentators are concerned, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth's style is more often than not just clueless. 

The ninth Duggar child grew up in the regimented household of "19 Kids & Counting," where chaos was controlled through daily chores, a "buddy system" of older siblings looking after younger ones, and an emphasis on obedience. Now that she has her own growing family — two preschoolers and a baby boy on the way — there's no question that Joy loves being a mom, and that she adores young Gideon and Evelyn. But her parenting is definitely looser than her own mother's, and her choices are sometimes questionable. 

Joy caught major heat recently for a video showing a risky activity: She drove a 4-wheeler with Evelyn in her lap. Neither party wore a helmet, and Joy even took one hand off the handlebars so she could take a video of the view. Now, once again, a Forsyth family video is attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. What was intended to show a lazy pre-Christmas afternoon has followers concerned about a serious safety hazard. 

The Forsyths put their TV in a precarious spot

Shortly before Christmas, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth posted a video to her Instagram Stories showing a rare relaxed moment. Her husband, Austin Forsyth, chilled on his phone as Joy showed off a display of her relatable pregnancy-craving foods. The camera then panned to the family's flat-screen TV, which appeared to be showing a Hallmark holiday movie. This is notable in itself for anyone familiar with the Duggars, who are well-known for only watching DVDs of tame classic programs like "The Andy Griffith Show" (via HuffPost). 

But what caught the most attention was the TV itself. The free-standing set was placed at the edge of the Forsyths' kitchen island rather than being mounted to the wall. The cords were plugged into the outlet at the front of the island, leaving the wires dangling all the way to the floor. This, naturally, had members of the Reddit DuggarSnark channel cringing in fear for the safety of 4-year-old Gideon and 2-year-old Evy. 

"[O]ne of those kids is going to pull that cord and the whole TV is going to fall on them," warned one commenter. Other snarkers agreed, too, with one writing: "Yeah, that's a disaster waiting to happen," while another noted, "They could have put up the cord at the very least omg." A third made a different point: "[W]hat it tells me is that they obviously use it as a babysitter. Who needs to parent when the tv stops all their incessant whining[?]"