Josiah And Lauren Duggar's Name For Rumored Baby No. 2 Possibly Uncovered By Reddit

Having spent more than a decade being filmed for reality shows, Josiah Duggar has opted for a life away from the cameras. While many of his siblings maintain semi-celebrity status through their social media accounts, vlogs, and sponsored promotions, Josiah (the eighth of the 19 Duggar children) stays private. Married to wife Lauren and dad to 3-year-old daughter Bella (via Us Weekly), he keeps busy with his jobs as a contractor, pilot, and car salesperson. Still, hints of his life slip out, as when The U.S. Sun reported that he'd bought a large parcel of land from his father, possibly to build a larger house. Another clue, courtesy of his own brother, may reveal a much bigger secret.

Parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar held their traditional family Christmas party at their large home in Tontitown, Arkansas. Son James documented the highlights of the day on his YouTube channel, "Duggars Gone Wild." Not all of the children made it to the event — Jinger, Joy-Anna, Jill, Jeremiah, and Joseph were among the absentees — but there were enough members and "GrandDuggars" attending to make it festive. Gifts were exchanged, a buffet devoured (James regretted eating a leftover mozzarella stick that had been sitting out for hours), and a good time was had by all. 

But followers of the Reddit DuggarsSnark channel were more interested in a detail that James inadvertently let slip. A label marking a pile of gifts would seem to prove that Josiah and Lauren quietly welcomed a new daughter.

Josiah and Lauren may have had a baby girl

There had already been a lot of online speculation about a Duggar son having a secret baby. The clues were piling up: One family video of a Duggar fall festival had fans scratching their heads because it showed Josiah Duggar's wife Lauren holding an unidentified child. Then, James Duggar's Christmas 2022 video appeared to seal the deal. A Reddit DuggarsSnark follower posted a closeup of a gift-pile label listing Josiah, Lauren, Bella, and a name that looks like "Daisy." That sparked a long discussion. "I wonder if this secretly bothers Jessa," remarked a Redditor, referencing Jessa Duggar Seewald's daughters, Ivy and Fern. "Hah I bet it does!" came a response. "She wants to be the sole plant parent." 

Speculation also swirled about the first initial of the rumored baby's name. On an episode of their former show, "Counting On," Josiah and Lauren revealed that they planned to give alphabetical-order names to their children. Sadly, Lauren miscarried her first pregnancy, and Josiah revealed they'd planned to name the baby Asa (per Romper), so they chose Bella for their next child. 

With that in mind, Snarkers wondered if Daisy is another rainbow baby, and sympathized with Lauren over the pain of miscarriage. "For their sake, I hope they just broke the naming tradition," a commenter said. A second agreed, "Exactly what I thought too, and I actually 100% stand by them about their choice to go dark on social media. Smartest thing a Duggar has done."