Why Fans Think This Duggar Son Had A Secret Baby

The Duggar family's Christmas newsletter might be a bit longer than usual this year. 2022 was a busy time for the "Counting On" reality family; it seemed that hardly a day passed without some new development in the lives of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children. Of course, the most infamous was the trial and sentencing of oldest son Josh, which some family members felt was just and others felt was too harsh. But there were far happier events, too. Son Jeremiah was married in March, and three of the Duggar daughters — Jill Dillard, Jinger Vuolo, and Jessa Seewald — moved to new homes to accommodate their growing children.

Speaking of children, there were plenty of births as well. Jill had a baby boy (via People), as did her brothers John-David (via People) and Jed (via In Touch Weekly). And that's still not all. Jeremiah and his new wife are also now expecting their first child in 2023, and Joy-Anna Forsyth recently announced her third pregnancy. 

That would be more than enough excitement for one family, but is it possible there might be yet another announcement before the year is up? Fans are already wondering if there are any secret Duggar babies either on the way or already here, based on a video Joy posted to YouTube in which dad Jim Bob gives a count of 30 grandchildren instead of the 27 officially accounted for. Now, a new transaction is adding fuel to this theory.

Was the Duggars' property sale baby-related?

As opposed to the Duggar family members who are active on social media, brother Josiah Duggar keeps a much lower profile. His Instagram account is private and only lists two posts — and up until Nov. 2022, the most recent media report about him was the announcement in 2019 that he and his wife, Lauren Swanson, had welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Bella Milagro (via In Touch Weekly).

However, on Nov. 8, The U.S. Sun reported that his father, Jim Bob Duggar, had sold Josiah and Lauren a large parcel of vacant land directly next to the main Duggar compound. Why would a family of three need so much space, fans mused, if not to build a house big enough to accommodate a new baby? This also comes on the heels of baby speculation over the summer, when a family video of Jedidiah's gender reveal party caught Lauren in the background, wearing a sweater that appeared to be concealing a baby bump (via The Hollywood Gossip).

In any event, a new house would seem to be part of Josiah and Lauren's future, and it will likely be another Duggar family affair. Brothers James and Jason have a construction business, per the U.S. Sun, while sister Jana is a skilled interior decorator.