Why You Should Never Text While Getting A Haircut

We've all been there before. You're sitting at the hairdresser waiting your turn and scrolling on your phone to pass the time. Then when you finally get in the stylist's chair, you might pull out your phone again or answer texts coming in.

For many of us, our phones have almost become an added appendage. According to the University of Michigan, the majority of people in waiting rooms rely on their phones for distraction. It feels practically painful to sit in the waiting room without keeping our brains busy with texts, games, or Googling.

However, being on your phone is something you should never do while getting a haircut. One of the key factors to ensuring a good haircut that you will actually like depends on the communication between you and your stylist, per NBC News, which is hard to do when you're distracted by your phone. On top of that stylistically speaking, there are a few reasons why a phone can interfere with your cut.

Texting can cause unevenness

According to Marie Claire, texting can be a big mistake when it comes to getting the best haircut possible. That's because if you are looking down at your phone, you're misaligning the back of your hair. That can result in your stylist not getting an accurate read on the length or evenness of your hair.

Unless your hairstylist asks you to look up, down, to the right, or to the left, your head should be facing straight ahead. You should also try to retain good posture and keep your feet flat against the bottom of the chair. Crossed legs can also contribute to an uneven view.

In addition, while it's necessary for you to communicate exactly what you want in your haircut, it's equally important to not talk incessantly, as per Rue Daily. This will allow the stylist to focus on your cut, instead of the conversation. Explain exactly what you want upfront and then let the stylist get to work.

Texting causes too much movement and inattention

Besides the many ways the position of the head when texting can interfere with a good haircut when you keep pulling out your phone, you end up moving a lot. That's a pet peeve of many stylists. A barber posted on a Reddit thread, "Don't move your head with us. We move for a reason. Don't move your head unless we tell you to. Angles are very important. If you move while we are doing something, that angle is now wrong."

Being on your phone makes you inattentive and that is also a problem because being zoned out may leave you with a cut you don't like. "It's not the time to flip through a magazine, make calls on your cell, or slip into a catnap," hair stylist Edward Tricomi tells Allure. "Watch in the mirror, and don't be afraid to ask questions or make suggestions."

Like anything else getting a good haircut requires being present and engaged so remember to put your phone away before stepping into the chair.