25 Finger Tattoos You Will Be Obsessed With In 2023

If you're looking to make a change in 2023, you may want to consider getting a finger tattoo. Although it sounds like a wild idea especially since, as Byrdie warns, tattoos that are on visible areas like your hands are still considered a particularly edgy place to get inked regardless of their ubiquity, according to Iron Ink Tattoo, they're gradually becoming more acceptable both in the workplace and in society more generally. 

As a result, finger tattoos are increasingly popular, and we reckon they're one of the trends that will completely take over in 2023. From the abstract tattoo trend to hidden messages and even permanent promise rings, you'd be surprised by how many amazing finger tattoo possibilities there are out there. We've gathered together 25 of our favorites, so you can find inspiration for your next tattoo. Will 2023 be the year you decorate your hands permanently? Allow us to persuade you. 

Pretty patterns

Plenty of tattoos have deep, profound meanings, but sometimes you just want something that looks pretty. We think a beautiful, albeit simple pattern is a great choice for a finger tattoo because your hands are among the body parts that you and others see all the time. Pretty patterns with delicate line work and slight variations between fingers are super popular, and it's easy to see why — they look seriously pretty and there are so many ways to make them your own.  

Mini messages

The reasons for getting inked vary greatly from person to person. Some people may see a tattoo as an accessory to pair with every outfit, while others want something special that only they know about. Likewise, certain finger tattoos are right out in the open on your hands for anyone and everyone to see, while others can be hidden in between your digits to keep them semi-secret. We love the idea of tucking a tiny sentiment away between your fingers. Not only is it mostly hidden, but it looks aesthetically adorable whenever someone else catches a peek. 

Simple reminders

Similarly, plenty of people like to use a tattoo as a gentle reminder to themselves when they lose focus. This is such a nice sentiment, so the same way you might hide a tiny message between your fingers, we recommend inking a small mantra or a little reminder on the side of your finger. We love the simple font and direct message of this "create" tattoo, which will get your creative juices flowing whenever you catch a glimpse of it.

Sun and moon

According to The Zoe Report, over the past few years, celestial jewelry and accessories have been slowly but surely gaining traction. It's no surprise, then, that moon tattoos seem to be one of the most popular styles around. A delicate moon or sun on your finger is super cute, and we especially love these ones since they also ensure that both of your hands are coordinated. This is a great way to rock a finger tattoo that's as cute as it is classic. 

Nods to nature

Nature tattoos, namely plants and flowers, never seem to go out of style. Of course, your fingers are a perfect place to display your connection to the natural world. We love this leaf tattoo because it incorporates vibrant green, which makes us all think of the great outdoors while still being simple and not too distracting. Colorful hand tattoos can be difficult to commit to, so if you're looking to add a pop of color to your fingers, a nature tattoo like this one is a great way to do it. 

Line work

If you're looking for something subtle and delicate to tattoo on your hands, we recommend going for some line work. This seems to make up the bulk of finger tattoos, and there's definitely a reason for that. Line work is thin and light, so it works well with the shape of your fingers. It also tends to be abstract, so it's easy to add some interest to your hands without making too much of a statement for the whole world to see. 

Third eye

As Verywell Fit explains, your third eye is an invisible eye in the middle of your forehead that helps you see things that can't be perceived with your actual eyes. We love the idea of keeping our third eye open all the time with a tattoo, but the middle of your forehead isn't a practical place for most of us to get inked. You've also probably heard of the evil eye, which is thought to keep negative energy away, per the BBC. No matter which eye your finger tattoo represents, this design has plenty of worthy meanings. Plus, it looks really cool too. 


Whether your January birthday makes you feel a special attachment to the wintertime or you're just a major fan of the snow, the holiday season, or the movie, "Frozen," a delicate finger tattoo of a snowflake is the cutest way to pay homage to the cold weather months. The dainty line work is perfectly subtle and sweet enough to be out in the open on your hands, and it'll also help you keep a bit of holiday magic with you all year round. 


Chronic Ink Tattoo reports there are so many different meanings for bird tattoos. Which type of bird you choose, as well as whether they're mid-flight or resting can make a significant difference in what your tattoo symbolizes. Any one of the intricately drawn birds in this particular tattoo would look unique on a single finger, but we especially love the birds combined with abstract, geometric line work that this tattoo juxtaposes together for a unique and unusual look.

Pinky only

A tiny tattoo can be perfect to add to just one finger. Of all the fingers you can choose for yours, there's something especially unique about your pinky. This pinky tattoo is adorable, and the way it wraps around from the other side of the hand gives added interest. This tattoo shows that if you're looking for a subtle twist on a finger tattoo, inking your pinky is an especially classy way to decorate your hands. 

Symmetrical designs

As much as we love a tiny tattoo that adorns only one finger, there's also something to be said for using the surface area of all your fingers as a blank canvas. This design is so unique because it adds symmetry to the hand and treats three fingers as one big piece of art that moves and changes as you use your hands and bend your digits. Since your hands are constantly moving, choosing a symmetrical design is a particularly interesting option. 

Four-finger art

By the same token, we love the idea of choosing a tattoo that spreads across all of your fingers and fits perfectly. And, no — we don't mean tattooing something threatening across your knuckles like we used to see on baddies in classic cartoons. This Pac-Man design is adorable, especially if you're a gamer and also don't happen to take life too seriously. Thinking of designs that split up evenly into four can make for an especially eccentric and extra cool tattoo. 

Bold finger

This tattoo is as bold as it is eye-catching. We love the idea of picking one finger and covering it with a bespoke design. The ring finger, in particular, is a great choice, since this is the digit that most people choose to adorn with jewelry. Sure, we can't imagine how painful it was to get this super-saturated blackwork tattoo, but the result makes for an attention-grabbing and endlessly fascinating design that will definitely make your hands stand out. 

Winding flower

Another great way to present a nature-based tattoo is to opt for a flower or plant that winds around your finger. Obviously, this tattoo wouldn't work quite so well on another part of your body, and as a result, we think this is the ideal way to decorate your finger with ink. This design is artistic, feminine, and sophisticated, and it adds just a little bit of interest to your hand. 

Incorporate your hand

Your fingers are obviously connected to your hand, so why not incorporate the rest of it into your tattoo design? There's something really interesting about the way the leaves of this hand tattoo drape down onto the finger, and we love the idea of incorporating your finger into a hand tattoo in this subtly funky way. While we think this option is especially cool, don't be afraid to think outside the box and even consider incorporating your finger into a tattoo that goes further up your arm too.  

Permanent promises

If you're looking for a more permanent yet still edgy way to show your love, you can get your spouse's initials inked on your ring finger in place of a ring. A grand gesture like this has the potential to be tacky, but we think these delicate initials are actually super cute, and they ensure that your devotion to your partner is still all over your hands even when your wedding bands are off. 

Rings of power

Another way to replace your wedding rings with permanently positioned promises is to get actual rings tattooed on your finger. This is a great option for folks who don't like wearing rings or anyone who wants to make sure their band stays on all the time. We especially love these abstract, coordinating tattoo rings, because they hint at what they are instead of being too heavy-handed (no pun intended.) These are cute hand tattoo ideas for anyone, not just those of us looking to make our wedding rings extra permanent. 

Sparkle and shine

If you're a lover of fairytales and want to carry a little magic around with you at all times, a sparkle tattoo may be the perfect choice for you. We love everything about this one, from its pretty blue hue to its unique placement on the thumb. Plus, we adore that this design actually resembles the North Star, so it'll keep you grounded and guide you home if you ever get lost (now that's a cute tattoo meaning). Plus, it doesn't hurt that the look of this has major "Cinderella" vibes. 

Subtle collection

This subtle collection of tattoos is such a cute way to decorate your hand. It's not too in-your-face, as the line work is light and pale, but it still manages to have quite a bit going on. Many people describe getting tattoos as addictive, and once you get one finger tattoo, you very well may want another. Curating a tattoo collection on your hand is a smart way to get more and more tattoos without committing to anything too big, as you can keep adding to the collection over time. 

Soar like a butterfly

Butterflies have been totally trendy in fashion over the course of the past few years, and for good reason. Not only are butterflies beautiful, colorful, and graceful, but they also represent rebirth, starting anew, and reinventing yourself. These are all great reasons to pop a butterfly clip in your hair or rock a butterfly-printed T-shirt, but they're even better reasons to get a delicate butterfly tattoo on your finger. This design is sweet and pretty, and it will remind you of how far you've come. 

Tie a bow around it

For those who would only consider a delicate little finger tattoo, why not just tie a bow right around your finger? This has to be one of the cutest tattoos on our list. A little bow around your finger is cute and dainty, and this one, in particular, isn't complicated at all (it'll be a quick session too, for sure). Of course, this is also the type of tattoo that you can make your own, and it can be done in many different ways too. Experimenting with size and color could effortlessly make your bow tattoo even more "you." 

Simple symbols

How cute are these little symbol finger tattoos? The way we see it, these designs are kind of like charm bracelets for grown-ups. Pick some of your favorite things, and get a pared-down line drawing of one symbol on each finger. Not only does it create a visual story across your fingers, but it'll remind you of all your favorite things whenever you look down at your hands. That's bound to make every day just a little bit brighter. 


Flame tattoos are some of the most classic designs there are. If you're looking for a more hardcore option for your finger tattoo, flame tattoos are a great pick, because they come in many different shapes and sizes. We love that this one is simple without too much detail, and it almost acts as a ring in the way it wraps around the person's finger. Plus, few things hold quite as much symbolism quite as fire, so a flame tattoo may also end up being a design with a deeper meaning that's even closer to your heart. 


Tiny dots are among the most popular options for finger tattoos. The Trend Spotter points out that dot tattoos have many different meanings, but one of the biggest things they symbolize is a reminder to live your life how you want to. Besides containing a positive message, this tattoo is the most subtle and simple design you can get, so it's a great choice if this is your first or even just your first on your finger. 

Hint of happy

If you want to hop on the finger tattoo trend, but you're still not sure what to get, this one has to be our overall favorite. It's cute, subtle, and would make anyone smile — including your finger. This super simple design is adorable all on its own, but for a dash of added cuteness, have a loved one draw a simple smiley face like this, and use that as the model for your tattoo. Not only will you carry them with you always, but you'll also have a little something smiling back at you whenever you look at your hand.