Is A Boozy Shampoo Right For Your Hair?

When browsing the drugstore or your local drugstore or beauty store, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options there are when it comes to hair products. You can find shampoos tailored to colored hair or frizzy hair, shampoos with scents that are meant to relax you, and even shampoos that contain crazy ingredients like seaweed and onions. But quite possibly the most shocking trend is boozy shampoo.

Yes, you read that right. Boozy shampoo, meaning shampoo infused with alcohol, is gaining popularity. According to Mane Addicts, you can find everything from vodka and bourbon to beer and whiskey, which helps with growth, in shampoo products, and each one carries specific benefits for certain hair types and issues. But before you order a bottle for yourself, it's important to figure out if they'll work for your hair type. Whether you're leaning towards the newest trend of vodka-infused hair products or staying true to the champagne-inspired shampoo made popular back in 2016, read this first to know if boozy shampoos are right for you.

Boozy shampoos are meant for specific hair types

More than just an ingredient in your favorite cocktail, vodka can be used around the house in many different ways, from deodorizing clothes to cleaning cuts. Plus, according to Byrdie, there are also benefits of using the spirit in your beauty routine. Pristine Vodka claims that using a vodka-based shampoo aids hair growth, prevents dandruff, and helps other hair woes. However, scientifically speaking, there is no evidence that alcohol in hair products can fix your hair issues. In fact, it could be dangerous for those with certain hair types.

Adding vodka to your shampoo or buying a product with it already infused can help tone down frizz, but if your hair is already dry and brittle, it's best to stay away. Vodka can weaken damaged hair and can also ruin color-treated hair, so be sure to avoid these products if your hair is highlighted or already a bit damaged or dry. If you are looking to fix your hair woes but are worried about the negative effects of vodka, there are plenty of other boozy products that may work better for you.

Boozy hair products that actually work

It's not just vodka that is having a moment in the beauty world. According to Made Addicts, there are other boozy hair products that are a must-try. If you're looking for thicker, more lustrous hair, they recommend Bröö's products, which are infused with craft beer and promise to leave your hair voluminous and shiny. And don't worry — the scent is citrusy and won't leave your hair feeling like you had a late night at a dive bar. If you are in the market for a dry shampoo, Elizabeth and James dry shampoo uses notes of vanilla bourbon to create a luxurious scent. It smells so good, in fact, that you could use it as a perfume as well.

If you have fancier taste and need to strengthen your hair, Nylon recommends the haircare line by Cuvee Beauty. The brand uses a Champagne grape seed extract in its products, which works to protect your hair from environmental damage and keep it strong, shiny, and hydrated. No matter what boozy product you prefer, make sure you know what kind of hair it is meant for — and the next time you are craving a drink, consider your local beauty shop instead.