Cowgirl Copper Is Predicted To Be One Of The Hottest Hair Color Trends Of 2023

As 2023 approaches, new fashion and beauty trends are being predicted by style casters. Everyone seems to agree that Y2K influence isn't going anywhere. Swooping side bangs from the early 2000s will be back in action, and we can even expect the possibility that chunky highlights will be all the rage again, according to Nylon. Hopefully, you haven't thrown away those 2007 Tiger Beat magazines because we may be paying tribute to the looks of Paris Hilton and Lauren Conrad again in 2023.

Style casters are predicting more trends for hair than just Y2K bangs and highlights, thankfully. We can expect to see some trending layered curved cuts this year, which seem to be a bit more low maintenance than the bangs from Y2K's past.

Modern shags, baby bangs, collarbone chops, and boxy bobs will also be on the list of haircuts you'll be asking for in 2023. But what about hair color? As it turns out, 2023 is expected to be the year of cowgirl copper hair, and you'll want to get in on this trend ASAP!

Cowgirl copper is the hair color we'll be lusting over in 2023

Copper-colored hair is not a new trend. According to Byrdie, it started to gain traction last summer, and we have now formed a committed relationship with the shade. The trend will continue to rock the beauty world as 2023 rolls in, with more people opting to embrace the vivid look.

"Auburn hair is huge right now," Miley Cyrus' stylist Jeremy Tardo told the publication in June 2022. "I think everyone is searching for a perfect 'coming out [of the pandemic]' hairstyle, and summer is a great time to play with the warmth and brightness of your hair."

That desire for experimentation isn't over yet, with copper tresses due to remain popular for the foreseeable. However, hairstylist and style forecaster Tom Smith tells Glamour that not just any shade of copper will do — cowgirl copper in particular offers something special that will continue to make it a major request at salons everywhere. 

"Inspired by the super-rich, caramel hues of Western leather, 'Cowgirl Copper' is tipped to be the most in-demand hair color trend of 2023," he explains. The tone, he adds, is "a super glossy, rich caramel tone that sits perfectly between brunette and blonde." 

Western influence will be all the rage in fashion and beauty, even extending into hair colors in 2023. Seems like we'll be seeing a lot more redheads in the coming months!