The Mascara Gloss Trend TikTok Is Loving

It only takes one viral video of a gorgeous TikTok creator sharing a simple makeup hack for the rest of #BeautyTok to follow suit. Some of these trends are so innovative and convincing — proving to the world that it's possible to have beauty and brains — it's no surprise many people have begun implementing them into their daily beauty routines.

And when it comes to lip trends, those are not hard to come by. From the viral gym lips to the brownie lip trend, there are thousands of videos on TikTok to help users produce the perfect pout. In fact, #LipTrend has gathered over 160 million views on the video-sharing app and #LipHack, a whopping 440 million and counting. Whether you're looking for fuller lips, a defined lipstick application, or need help selecting your perfect shade, head to TikTok. It's likely there's a video for that.

One lip trend that TikTok has been loving lately involves another makeup product you probably wouldn't think to apply to the lips: mascara. You read that right. A viral mascara gloss trend has been circulating the app, prompting users to give the shiny black-tinted look a try. What's even better? It's so easy! Hop on the viral lip trend bandwagon to see for yourself.

TikTokers are dunking their mascara in a tube of clear lip gloss

Some things undeniably just go hand-in-hand. Peanut butter and jelly. Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Mascara and lip gloss? Bet you didn't see that one coming. With this new viral lip trend, that's precisely the pairing you want to use to create a shiny lip with a subtle, deep-colored tint. TikTok user @aoifeartist dumped her mascara wand into a tube of clear lip gloss to create a sheer black gloss, and the results are stunning.

In the video, after swirling the wand around a bit in the gloss, she rolls the tube in her hands to mix it all up. She then applies a small layer on top of her lips, sporting a bright orange shade as well as a neutral mauve to show how gorgeous it looks on vastly different lip colors. While the black pigment isn't totally obvious, it provides a subtle edgy hue. "Literally bought clear gloss to do this," one TikToker commented.

The mascara gloss video prompted other BeautyTok creators to try it out themselves, like the super popular @mimiermakeup, who has a massive 16.6 million followers. "I actually like it!" she says in the video after applying the gloss on top of her lip-lined pout. "It looks very interesting. I'm definitely gonna use this lip gloss."

It's cute, but is it safe to apply mascara to your lips?

Applying certain products to the mouth area that aren't designed to be used there may raise some health concerns. TikTok creator @mireyarios tried the mascara gloss trend and loved it, but ended the video saying, "This is so pretty. But I don't know how I feel about having mascara on my lips." And honestly, she has a point. Is it safe to apply mascara to the lips? While Kintegra Research claims that mascara is mostly non-toxic "if ingested in small quantities," they also note that "one can never be too sure."

And while makeup doesn't legally need to be FDA-approved before hitting the shelves, they do need to be safe "when consumers use them according to their labeling, or as they are customarily used," according to the Food and Drug Administration. So, even though TikTok has been absolutely loving this trend lately, and chances are, you'll be fine if you join in on the fun, you may want to proceed with caution.