How To Watch Prince Harry's Upcoming TV Interviews

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The promo copy for "Spare," the upcoming book by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, describes it as being about "the eternal power of love over grief." Critics are claiming it's more like an eternally-long case of sour grapes. Insiders who have spoken to The U.S. Sun say the memoir will "reveal Harry's bitterness and feelings of unfairness that, by the nature of hierarchy and birthright that he always played second fiddle to older William." Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have already discussed quite a bit about their lives inside and out of the palace, courtesy of their Netflix documentary. However, royals watchers are expecting "Spare" to drop more "truth bombs" that could destroy any hope of the prince's reconciling with King Charles III and William, Prince of Wales.

Now comes news that Harry is promoting his book through two major TV interviews: on "60 Minutes" with Anderson Cooper and on Britain's ITV with Tom Bradby. In a trailer for the ITV broadcast, the prince is shown making the startling claim that his family has "shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile. They feel as though it's better, somehow, to keep us as the villains." To Cooper, Harry argues that the "betrayal" by the palace has fueled his decision to speak out publicly about the wrongs done to him and Meghan, alleging that The Firm planted negative stories about them to the press. Whether you're Team William or Team Harry, the interviews should be fascinating viewing, so here's how to tune in.

You'll need a special service to watch Prince Harry's U.K. interview

The upcoming "60 Minutes" and ITV interviews should be must-see viewing for all Prince Harry fans. The Daily Mail surmises that both will show him in a sympathetic light, since interviewers Anderson Cooper and Tom Bradby are advocates for mental health support, and Bradby is also a longtime friend of the prince's. Both interviews will air on Sunday, January 8, just two days before the release of "Spare" on the 10th. "60 Minutes" will run at its usual 7:30 p.m. EST schedule, via TV Guide. It's also available for streaming via the subscription service Paramount+. 

Tuning in for the ITV broadcast will be a little trickier. The U.K. network is unavailable on U.S. cable stations, so you'll need to subscribe to a virtual private network, or VPN — a service that changes a computer's IP address and makes it possible to access sites outside America. StyleCaster recommends ExpressVPN, which allows you to access programming in 90 countries for just $8.32 per month. It also offers a 30-day free trial, so you can cancel once you've watched Harry's latest tell-all. The good news is that the Bradby interview airs at 9:00 p.m. London time, or 4:00 p.m. EST, so you can see both shows without having to set your DVR. Then you can join the millions who will be musing over whether the rumors of a reconciliation between Harry, King Charles III, and Prince William will come true.