Liquid Molten Nails Will Make Your Next Manicure Sizzle

From Y2K-inspired jelly nails to the glowing aura nail trend, the last few years have seen many new and innovative nail art fads. Chrome nails have been consistently in style and, we predict their continued popularity. The chrome nail art trend has gained demand partly due to the slew of celebrities that have adopted the style, with PopSugar naming Halle Bailey, Zendaya, and Dua Lipa as rocking the look.


If you're unfamiliar with the trend, chrome nails use shimmery powder or gel nail polish to create a metallic, iridescent appearance (per Coveteur). While the classic rendition of this look features a solid coat of polish, there are many ways to customize and elevate chromatic nail styles.

Liquid molten nails are one example of a nail trend that has come out of the popularity of chrome nails. This is a 3D design that gives the nails a liquid texture, almost as if the polish is molten lava or metal.

There are many ways to approach this chromatic style, and we've gathered some of the best.

This nail artist has stylized chrome nails to look liquid

One of the most popular takes on the liquid molten nail trend comes from Natalie Minerva, the nail artist for the well-known TV drama "Euphoria." In her rendition, Minerva puts a spin on the deconstructed French tip trend by creating parallel curved lines that imitate liquid at the tip or base of the nail (via PopSugar).


As a result, the 3D technique makes the nail polish look like it's sizzling, which makes sense as Minerva names Iceland's underground volcanic activity as the inspiration for her take on chromatic nails.

Molten chrome nail art has many different styles

While Natalie Minerva's take on the liquid-molten nail trend definitely ranks as one of our favorites, it's not the only way to approach this sizzling style. Whereas Minerva's look places the liquid texture of the chromatic trend at the base or tip of the nails, many renditions of this fad span the entire nail, providing an all-over molten look.


This can be seen in the look from @studio.arias, who shows off their approach to the liquid chrome look on TikTok. Using this technique truly creates an eye-catching, melted look that is sure to turn heads.

Some users go for a molten metal spin on the look

Instead of looking at this nail design as having a lava-like liquid effect, some nail artists choose to approach this look from a molten metal perspective. This translates really well with the use of silver chrome polish, as it conveys a metallic look. Otherwise, this approach uses a similar 3D, undulating technique as other takes on this look.


The molten metal rendition of liquid chrome nails can be seen here from Instagram user @_thickandrich_. We particularly like the use of pearls, as it gives the texture a bubbling look that really says liquid metal.

You can also make your nails look like liquid gold

Similarly, some nail artists choose to approach the molten nail trend from a more luxurious standpoint, using gold chrome powder instead of silver to create the effect of liquid gold. This take on the look is a super stylish option, as the gold chrome looks very classy.


As seen in the example from @cutieclesandcurls, who demonstrates how to achieve this look on TikTok, this nail trend plays around with negative space. Like the deconstructed French tip rendition from Natalie Minerva, utilizing this negative space lends itself to a flowing liquid look.

Color can be used to customize your molten nail art

While silver and gold chrome polishes are solid choices for a liquid molten nail look, you can further customize your nail art by playing around with other colors. For example, using red and orange would work really well if you wanted to emphasize the liquid lava element of the trend, but black chrome polish can look super sleek, too.


For more color experimentation ideas, check out the press on gel nails from @nailsbyoliviao on Instagram, who tests out many shades for the 3D chrome look.

These are the materials you might use to recreate this nail art

With style inspiration in mind, you might be wondering how exactly you can recreate this look at home. Luckily, nail artists give some ideas for what materials you might use. Natalie Minerva recommends using a clear gel that is thick and non-viscous for the 3D liquid texture, mentioning Apres Diamond Gel as their personal preference (via PopSugar).


In their liquid gold nails TikTok, @cutieclesandcurls mentions that they use spider art gel to create their own 3D texture, while TikTok user @ellekernmua uses rhinestone glue in their video. Experiment with finding the gel that works best for you!

Nail artists provide great tips for achieving this molten look

Lastly, Natalie Minerva also provides some advice for those wanting to recreate this look, stating, "There's really no one way to do it, and that's what makes the 'liquid molten' look natural and flow" (via PopSugar). Luckily, you don't have to get caught up in trying to replicate another nail look exactly — instead, play around with making your own design look natural and unique.


Besides, if this look is a little too much for you to tackle at home, then you can always take your inspo pictures to your favorite salon.