All Of Bonnie Lockharts' Schemes On Days Of Our Lives Explained

Bonnie Lockhart is definitely one of the most colorful and charismatic characters on "Days of Our Lives." Bonnie, played by actress Judi Evans, was first introduced to fans in 2000 as the mother of Salem teen Mimi Lockhart (Farah Fath), per Soaps Central. At first, little was known about Bonnie except that she had three children, Patrick, Mimi, and Conner, and her husband abandoned the family. During Mimi's high school years, it was revealed that her family had become homeless, and her best friend Belle Black (then Kirsten Storms) gathered the town to help build a Habitat for Humanity house for the family.

Later, fans got to know Bonnie better when she was hired as a housekeeper for Mickey Horton. When Mickey's wife, Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers), was presumed dead after being murdered by the Salem Stalker, Mickey and Bonnie began to grow close (via Soaps in Depth). Despite their age difference, Bonnie made Mickey laugh. The two had a good time together, and Bonnie helped Mickey move past Maggie's death. Of course, she was also interested in his money.

However, when Maggie turned up alive and returned to Salem, things got strange.

Bonnie coerced Mickey into marriage

"Days of Our Lives" viewers watched Bonnie Lockhart and Mickey Horton become romantic and finally get engaged. Bonnie was thrilled as she couldn't wait to get her hands on Mickey's money after years of struggling with her own finances. Bonnie convinced Mickey to quickly head to the altar with her, per Soaps in Depth. The couple tied the knot, and on their wedding night, Maggie Horton showed up. Although Maggie didn't die, she had been declared legally deceased, making her marriage to Mickey void. Thus, Bonnie was now legally Mickey's wife, and she wasn't about to give him up without a fight.

Bonnie refused to step aside so that Maggie and Mickey could get back together. Things got awkward when Maggie moved back into the house she once shared with Mickey, and the three lived together (via Soap Central). Eventually, Mickey couldn't take being caught in the middle of his two wives and was forced to make a decision. He ultimately chose to be with Maggie.

After their divorce, Mickey gave Bonnie a payoff, including Maggie's former restaurant, which Bonnie had turned into a country western bar called Alice's, per Soaps. Of course, that wasn't the last that fans saw of Bonnie and her chaotic schemes.

Bonnie went to prison to save her daughter

Following Bonnie Lockhart's divorce from Mickey Horton, the character set her sights on being a helpful mother to her children. When Bonnie's daughter Mimi Lockhart confessed to her mother that she was pregnant with Rex Brady's child, Bonnie was there for Mimi (via Soaps in Depth). However, many "Days of Our Lives" fans were surprised when Bonnie advised Mimi to get an abortion, as she was worried that Mimi becoming a mother at a young age would ruin her life. However, Bonnie's advice backfired when Mimi developed an infection from the procedure that led to her infertility.

However, Bonnie later helped save her daughter's life when the remains of her ex-husband, David Lockhart (Ian Patrick Williams), were found. Viewers discovered that Mimi had accidentally killed her father during a fight, and Bonnie wanted to keep her from going to jail, per Soap Central. When David's skeleton was found, Bonnie took the blame for his death and was sent to prison herself. Bonnie wanted to ensure that Mimi was able to have a great life, and she did so by spending significant time behind bars.

Following Bonnie's arrest, she wasn't seen in Salem for ten years. However, when she returned to town, she stepped right back into her role as a troublemaker.

Bonnie stole Adrienne's life and created chaos in Salem

Years later, "Days of Our Lives" viewers saw Bonnie Lockhart again when she was pulled into a scheme with Anjelica Deveraux (Morgan Fairchild), per Soaps in Depth. Bonnie – Adrienne Kiriakis' doppelganger – formed a bond with Marlena Evans' doppelganger Hattie Adams (Deidre Hall). Anjelica, Bonnie, and Hattie worked together in hopes of carrying out a plan that would see Anjelica win back the affection of Adrienne's former husband, Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth). A shocking prison swap then took place, landing Adrienne in prison as Bonnie, allowing the real Bonnie to walk free as Adrienne.

While pretending to be Adrienne, Bonnie was tasked with breaking up Adrienne's relationship with Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo). She was then supposed to reunite with Justin and break his heart so that Anjelica could comfort Justin and rekindle her romance with him. However, Bonnie strayed away from the plan and began to have feelings for Lucas, per TV Overmind. She even got intimate with him, and when Anjelica walked in on the scene, she became very angry. The two women argued, which caused Anjelica to suffer a heart attack and die.

Out of fear, Bonnie enlisted Hattie for help. The two women placed Anjelica's body into bed with Lucas so that it would appear that she died while sleeping with him (via Soaps). After Anjelica was out of the picture, Bonnie went rogue with her own plan for revenge.

Bonnie tried to blackmail Victor into marriage

After Angelica's death, Bonnie had nobody to answer to. She continued living as Adrienne and even moved back into the Kiriakis mansion (via Soaps). It was then that she found the perfect time to get revenge on an old enemy. "Days of Our Lives" viewers watched as Bonnie plotted her vengeance against Maggie Horton by blackmailing her husband, Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston), into leaving her. The blackmail also included a stipulation that Victor had to marry Bonnie, who saw the situation as a way to get back at Maggie for stealing Mickey from her and to get her hands on Victor's fortune.

Just before Bonnie and Victor were set to get married, the truth was exposed, per Soaps in Depth. Bonnie's leverage against Victor had disappeared. To make matters worse, Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to reveal that Bonnie was impersonating Adrienne, who had been behind bars for months.

Not wanting to go back to prison, Bonnie fled Salem. She was on the run for months, but eventually, Steve caught up with her and forced her back to Salem so that she could face the consequences of her actions.

Bonnie tricked Lucas to avoid prison

According to Soaps, Bonnie told Lucas that she had given birth to his baby in order to dissuade Adrienne from pressing charges against her. Bonnie presented Lucas with a little girl and asked him to convince Adrienne to back off. Lucas helped Bonnie avoid prison for the sake of the baby. However, "Days of Our Lives" fans were stunned when the truth about the baby's true paternity was revealed. Viewers discovered that the baby girl didn't belong to Bonnie and Lucas at all. Instead, she was Bonnie's granddaughter — Mimi Lockhart had given birth to the baby after an affair with Rex Brady. Once everyone knew the truth, Bonnie returned to prison.

In 2020, Bonnie reappeared in Salem and had seemingly turned over a new leaf, per Soaps in Depth. She revealed that she wanted to make things right with people that she had wronged, like Lucas. She also apologized to Justin for what she had done to Adrienne, who died in a car accident shortly before Bonnie's return. Bonnie proved that she had changed and even struck up a friendship with Justin. The two eventually began having feelings for one another and got married.

Despite all of Bonnie's devilish plots, she became part of the Kiriakis family and even buried the hatchet with Maggie and Victor.