How To Replicate The Viral Shower Makeup Look

Few things on this planet are as refreshing as taking a warm shower after a long day. The sound of the water falling, the softness of your skin after exfoliation, the freshness of your face after cleansing, and the luscious smells of your soaps and shampoos all work together to create an excellent experience. It is a fantastic occurrence that some have sought to replicate outside the washroom. 

The shower makeup look is just what it sounds like: makeup meant to seem as though you have just stepped out of the shower, fresh-faced and reenergized. With similar elements to the clean makeup aesthetic — which has been labeled as slightly problematic — and the glass skin trend, the shower makeup look is meant to be, as a whole, even dewier, even glossier, even wetter.

The shower makeup look is reminiscent of glazing a painting with varnish. Before the varnish is a beautiful painting that, because it has dried, has lost some of its shine. After varnish, the image comes alive with light and reflection, the colors are enhanced, and the paint feels fresh. 

Several celebrities have been seen in the shower makeup look. Byrdie credits makeup mogul Huda Kattan as starting the trend with her TikTok tutorial. And Kim Kardashian took the look to the extreme when she wore a wet Mugler ensemble to the Met Gala in 2019 (via W Magazine). Here's everything you need to know to replicate the shower makeup look at home. 

The full look

The shower makeup look can be broken down into several distinct parts: dewy skin, glossy eyes, lips, and wet (or wet-looking) hair. Each of these components is emphasized for this makeup look to come together. The goal of this makeup is to make your face seem as plump and moisturized as possible, while the shine of the products used will catch the light around you, as though you are in the shower. And the color palette of shades used is generally kept relatively neutral and flesh-toned. You can even experiment with the look using your contour or blush shades on your eyes to keep that natural feel. 

Dewy skin

Creating a dewy base with your foundation is arguably the most important step in the shower makeup look process, as it will complement each element of the look you wear with it. But achieving such high-shine often requires more than just one face product — though we do recommend starting with a foundation that promises a dewy finish. The Hourglass Ambient Soft Glow Foundation, for example, is heralded by the Editorialist as its favorite dewy foundation. But in addition, you can mix your foundation with your moisturizer or a skin serum to achieve a lasting, super-shine effect, per Byrdie

Begin the mix with equal proportions of each, according to an expert speaking with Allure. Then, depending on your personal preferences, you can adjust to add more or less moisturizer or foundation until you're satisfied. Using cream makeup products, such as a cream contour and blush, will keep your skin looking cohesive and wet, as TikTok user @yhkayla demonstrates in her video. 

Glossy eyes

The next crucial step to achieving the shower makeup look is to wear glossy eyes. While super-defined eyeshadow can sometimes be the longest step in a makeup routine, this look requires one essential element: clear gloss. Now, choosing the right clear gloss is important. While a basic clear lip gloss would work, it can be uncomfortable. As TikTok user @claudianeacsumakeup points out, glossy eyes might not be suitable for everyday wear for this exact reason. 

However, some brands, such as MAC, make a clear glaze specifically for the face and not just your lips. Swiping clear gloss over even a bare lid would do the trick, but priming the eye first with a light, neutral shadow — either matte or shimmery for that extra sparkle — to add some depth works just as well, per Byrdie. You can even top the gloss with colorful eyeshadow, should you want to take the look a step further. 

Glossy lips

Sharing space with the glazed lips trend, glossy lips are another element of the shower makeup look that should not be overlooked. While you can smack on the same clear lip gloss you used on your eyes, you could also use your lips as an opportunity to bring a hint of color to your face. TikTok user @taontm first lines her lips with a shade deeper than her natural lip color and blends it in. Then, using a lip tint, she taps on the tiniest amount of color to bring some life to her lips. She adds a clear gloss on top to bring the look together. And if wearing neutral shades is not what you're going for, you can always top a bright lipstick with a clear gloss. 

Wet hair look

And, while the last element of the shower makeup trend has nothing to do with makeup, incorporating the wet hair look can significantly enhance the effect of the trend. As TikTok user @natseleen_ notes, this hairstyle requires a lot of product, so beware before you test it out. First, she starts with damp hair. You can also rewet your hair with a spray bottle if your hair is currently dry. Then, using a hair mousse, she crunches her hair until it is saturated with the product. She adds a styling cream to keep her hair in place. We recommend using soft mousse products that do not harden the hair, creating a texture that is the opposite of the shower look! Glamour breaks down different mousses for your various hair needs, while Who What Wear offers its favorite styling cream products.