The Versatile Wardrobe Basic Shaping Up To Be The Trendiest Piece Of 2023

This year is sure to give us plenty of new fashion and beauty trends to explore. According to The Zoe Report, one of the fashion trends that will completely take over 2023 is way simpler than you might think. In fact, you probably already have it in your closet.

"When thinking of building your new year wardrobe, a crisp button-down is an essential. What the relaxed blazer has been for outfitting in the last several years, the shirt will become in 2023," explained Noelle Sciacca, The RealReal Senior Fashion Lead. "Whether it's classic white or banker blue, an oversized button-down is a versatile wear-with-everything piece that can easily be dressed up or down, layered in innumerable ways or stand out on its own." 

Yes –– the classic button-down shirt is ready to take 2023 by storm, and if you're ready to hop on this easy, effortless trend, there are plenty of ways to do it. From easy breezy to pretty and polished, the button-down shirt can fit your every mood. We've got all the ways to rock your button-down this year and look incredibly chic doing it.

Loose and layered

As Noelle Sciacca explained, the button-down will replace the blazer this year as a more relaxed twist on layering (via The Zoe Report). Grabbing a button-down shirt that's a bit oversized and slouchy and tossing it on over a tank and some pants or leggings is the perfect, slightly elevated twist on your popping-out-to-grab-some-groceries look. As we transition from winter to spring, this will be a flawless 'fit to take you into the warmer months, and once summer rolls around, a button-down is a lightweight, hot weather-friendly piece to layer on top of your favorite sundress.

Oversized with rolled sleeves

Another easy and amazingly comfy way to rock the button-down is by grabbing one that's super oversized and rolling up the long sleeves. The look is slouchy and carefree while still appearing a bit more elevated than an oversized sweater or your go-to hoodie. Pair the button-down with leggings and your favorite jacket while rocking the edgy heavy boot trend, and you've got yourself an fashion-forward winter look that feels just as cozy as your fave loungewear.

Tucked and tidy

When most of us think of a button-down shirt, we probably think of a classic, put-together, business casual look. Tucking a fitted button-down into pants or a skirt is a great way to rock your shirt if you're looking for something a bit sleeker and neater. Still, this doesn't mean that a tucked-in button-down needs to look stuffy or boring. Experiment with colors, patterns, and even silhouettes. Try tucking your button-down into a maxi skirt or pair it with your favorite pants and an oversized cardigan for fresh twists on an old favorite.

As a dress

If tucking your button-down into your pants isn't your vibe, why not forgo the pants altogether? We love the look of a super oversized button-down shirt as a dress for 2023. A big button-down with rolled sleeves and a pair of white sneakers will look whimsical and cute for summer, or try it with tights, boots, and a coat for the chilly months. If wearing your button-down sans pants feels a little too much on the risky side, Byrdie recommends layering it under a sleeveless or pinafore dress. This will give you a put-together twist on the look.

Knotted up

If you want to rock that relaxed, effortless version of the oversized button-down while still getting a silhouette-conscious cinch at the waist, try tying up your button-down. According to Upstyle Daily, button your shirt first and then unbutton the bottom buttons up to where you want your tie to be. Tie a tight knot with the loose bottom pieces, and voila –– you now have a cropped version of your staple shirt. If you'd prefer, keep the shirt open above the knot and layer it on top of a cami, sleeveless dress, or jumpsuit.


If you're not sure whether you want to go for the clean and polished tucked-in shirt or the relaxed and casual oversized shirt, there's one solution for you: the half-tuck. The half-tuck really does give you the best of both worlds when it comes to silhouette, and it works seamlessly with a button-down shirt, since the shirt naturally splits right down the middle. Per The Wardrobe Consultant, it's best to rock the half-tuck when you're wearing pair of skinny or tapered pants so that you don't add too much bulk and volume.

A pop of color

Resist the urge to box yourself in with the button-down trend and only wear white shirts. Another great twist on the style is to rock a button-down in a bright pop of color or even a bold, graphic print. A fun and funky twist on the classic shirt can elevate any of the trendiest button-down based looks to the next level and add a bit of an unexpected twist to a look that we've seen before.