Mauve Is The Hair Color Trend You're About To See Everywhere

We all know the right shade of lipstick can complement any face — a universally flattering red lip, anyone? And the perfect hair color can do the same. Hair stylist Tina Dizon told Glamour that "just accentuating your natural color will make your hair look shinier and healthier." Specific hair colors give your skin a glow, helping age you backward with a bright finish.

When it comes to the right hair color, colorist Roxie Darling explains to Byrdie that "it's all about placement, saturation, and what undertones in your skin you'd like to emphasize." Skin complexions typically have undertones, such as cool shades like blue and purple, or warm tones like red and yellow. Hair dyes that pair well with cool and warm tones lend to styles everyone can look fabulous. That is why mauve — a soft natural hair shade with warm and cool hues that Hailey Bieber wears — is such a hit. It is a trend you won't want to miss. 

Why the mauve hair color trend is right for you

If Hailey Bieber is on board with a new trend, why shouldn't you try it? According to PopSugar, the model is known for rocking this subtle yet fashionable tone, fit for anyone in any season. While the name may suggest a purple color, it's actually more of a golden brown with lots of shine. 

The mauve hair trend offers contrast but is not as drastic as the color-blocking hairstyle trend. Speaking to PopSugar, celebrity hairstylist Angelina Murphy explains that "mauve color is achieved by using a gloss that creates flecks of warm and cool tones at the same time while adding shine to the hair" The extensions specialist raves mauve for being soft and subtle. However, the mellow hair color is not one-noted. The glossiness of mauve adds shine to your hair while highlighting its other tones.

Murphy recommends mauve for those with gold hues in their features, as the hair color will automatically accentuate their face. However, the warm and cool dimensionality of mauve— along with its softness — complements anyone daring to dye their hair.