What You Need To Know About The Color Blocking Hairstyle Trend

The world of beauty and fashion is fast-paced. There is always something new with makeup, clothing, and nails. Hair is no different. Hair has always been a symbol of expression, coming in various textures and colors. Healthline shares that around 90% of people have black and brown hair. No wonder why hair dyes are so popular. Whether twisting it into locs, cutting it short, or shaving half of it off, there are endless possibilities to style your strands.

There are good and bad trends in the world of hair. For some, the mullet makes the bottom of the list. However, the newest fashion statements to shake the hair industry are bright and colorful. All Things Hair reports, as of 2021, 75% of women in America dye their hair. That number is staggeringly high compared to a mere 7% of women in the 1950s. Just because you're born with black, brown, or blonde hair doesn't mean you have to stay with it. The latest trend puts that into perspective with color blocking hairstyles.

What is the color block hair trend?

You may have heard of color blocking for your outfits, but now the style is invading the hair industry. This trend features your hair dyed with contrasting colors, PopSugar explains. It is highlights with an upgrade. The block of color can be anywhere throughout your hair. Maybe some color for a surprise in the back or that lock you keep swooping behind your ear. This trend allows you to test drive a new hair color without the full commitment. Don't be afraid to go bold.

Why is it trending?

Color is simply in. Bright, bold, and beautiful. The color block trend is a play on the money piece and eGirl hair trends, according to L'Oreal Paris. Both styles frame the face with colored highlights. However, with this latest trend, your contrasting block of color is not limited to the front of your hair or top layer. The color block trend immediately adds vibrancy to muted hair and doesn't overpower your face. It is an instant standout hairstyle that grabs everyone's attention. Here's how to get the look.

How to achieve color block hair

The best way to hop on this trend is by visiting your hairstylist. This way you'll avoid the potential risk of box dyes and bleeding color. Strips of the color block are created through the foiling technique, per Nalu Salon Birmingham. Your stylist will divide the hair into roughly two-inch sections. The dye is applied to those sections and sealed with foil. For a subtle look, you can simply add a contrasting strip of color to your natural hair. Or, go wild, dye your hair one color, and add another hue for the color block strip.

Upkeep for color blocking hairstyles

After dying your hair, it will need some maintenance to keep the color vibrant and your hair healthy. You don't want to go through hours of foiling just to have a faded highlight one week later. The Everygirl suggests waiting 72 hours after your color session to shampoo your hair. This way, the hair's cuticles have time to close, and the color won't drain during your wash. The sun can fade your new color, too. A leave-in treatment with UV protection will be a good investment. The treatment will also restore moisture that the coloring process can dry out.

What the experts say about the trend

Hairstylists and clients alike love this trend. Cyd Charisse, a blonding specialist, tells Allure, "Color-blocking is a loud, obnoxious trend in the best way possible." It is a guaranteed conversation starter. The ​​Hairstory colorist says, "It comes with intention and purpose and is perfect for those who want to be noticed." Even if all-eyes-on-me isn't your MO, a pop of color can be right up your alley. Hair colorist Felicia Dosso says, "Playing with creative colors is always fun, and it can be the best statement accessory" (via Allure).

Color block trend on short hair

Short hair is not exempt from the color blocking trend. From a buzzcut to a bob, we welcome a strip of color. Short hair is ideal for its low maintenance. The Hair Styler shares that short hair is overall healthier than longer strands. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and the most worn. With short hair, the new and freshest strands are on display. This color blocking trend still allows you to have easy styling with your short hair but with an added pop.

Long hairstyles for color blocking

Long hairstyles fit every face shape, and the masses love them. For some, long hair is sacred. Allure speaks of people who associate long hair with a spiritual connection. On the stylistic side, the length allows for the versatility of up-dos and wearing it down. Your lush locks provide warmth during the colder months and make a sizable canvas for this colorful trend. Those long streaks of color are sure to stand out. Opt for dyeing shorter strands if you have long hair but want a delicate look. This method can be just coloring bangs or the shorter pieces framing your face.

Color blocking hairstyles on light-colored hair

A significant part of the color blocking trend is contrast. The goal is for the thick highlights to magnify your base color. One type of contrast is between warm and cool colors. Blond, orange, and yellow are warm hues, Watercolor Academy explains. Opting for a cool tone as the color block will grant you the highest contrast. Green, blue, and purple are the primary cool colors. Think water and ice. Cool and warm colors, although contrasting, work together. This color method is a sure pop for warm light-colored hair. Don't be afraid to add a little purple to your blond strands.

Color blocking styles for dark hair

Another popular contrasting method is light and dark. For dark-colored hair, any light color will work to achieve the color blocking style. If you're going subtle, opt for a tint of your base color. Filmmakers Academy defines tinting a color as adding white to lighten it. Layering a blonde strip to dark brown hair is one way to achieve this look. However, there is no need to limit yourself to natural hair tones. You can spruce up dark hair with any bright color of the rainbow.

Multi-color color blocking hairstyles

With color blocking, you are not limited to two colors. As if this trend couldn't get anymore attention-grabbing, you can color block with multiple contrasting dyes. A multicolor color block hairstyle is a traffic-stopper and super fun look. Celebrity hairstylist Cherilyn Farris tells Mane Addicts that "primary red, denim blue, and apricot orange" are the it-colors for the color blocking trend. So why not have a hairstyle with them all? Go bold or go home. You can even throw tinsel hair in there too.