The Scandi Hairline Dye Trend Delivers Summer Vibes All Year Long

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There are tons of haircuts you'll be asking for in the seasons to come. Luckily, if you're looking to change up your hair without a big chop, there's one hair color trend that just may be your perfect match. This new look won't be too much of a departure from whatever color you're used to, but it will make you feel lighter, fresher, and like you just returned from a super relaxing vacation –– and who wouldn't want to feel like that?

The new technique is called the "Scandi hairline," and it's all about lightening the hairs right around your face, per PopSugar. According to the creative director of NuBest Salon and Spa, Jamie Mazzei, "a Scandi hairline is a coloring technique that lightens the hair immediately around the face, including shorter baby hairs. This lightening technique softens the edge of the hair and can help create a lighter, brighter look." If this sounds super simple, that's probably because it is.

Even though it doesn't require you to change too much of your look, this technique will still pack a major punch.

How to get the look

According to Jamie Mazzei, creative director at NuBest Salon and Spa, "The term 'Scandi' stems from highlights that are 'Scandinavian blond,' but the technique can work on any hair color. The trick is to ensure that the hairline blends well with your full hair color, which is typically just a shade or two lighter than the rest of the hair" (via PopSugar). Hair professionals will either apply foils to get this look, or they'll do it by hand. 

Since this trend is all over TikTok, your colorist will most likely know what you're looking for. Still, if you want to be more specific about what you want at the salon, you can borrow the color director of Barney Martin, Shari Reynolds', description. Reynolds explains, "It's a super soft full base with a frame of the front hairline, to lift the complexion and create soft grow out with the highlights." Colorist at Nunzio Saviano Salon Felicia Dosso has some extra tips to help you get just the effect you want. She advises you should "tell your colorist that you want a very soft effect around your hairline. If your stylist is doing a foil application, ask them to paint around the hairline after the foils have been rinsed."

Maintaining your Scandi hairline

Once you've got your new flawlessly sun-kissed look, you'll need to maintain it. According to PopSugar, Jamie Mazzei, a creative director for a salon, recommends using a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner to ensure that your hairline color lasts a long time. Mazzei suggests "the Celeb Luxury Gem Lites ColorWash Color Depositing Shampoo and the Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorditioner, which are semipermanent direct dyes in shampoo and conditioner. They help keep your hair color fresh until your next salon visit."

It's also helpful to add a purple shampoo like Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo into your routine. Colorist Kimberly Cannon told Shape, "Just be aware: Overuse can cause buildup and lead to flat or overly full hair." Still, using this shampoo every few washes will keep brassiness at bay and help your perfect color last. After coating the length of your wet strands with the shampoo, Cannon recommends "keeping the shampoo on for three to five minutes, but if you feel you need more impact, you can add a minute or two." Ultimately, this will be one of the least difficult hair transformations to achieve or maintain that you can choose, and it'll leave you looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated.