General Hospital: All Of The People Who Have Gone Over The Parapet At Wyndemere

Soap operas are known for pushing the envelope when it comes to outlandish events, crimes, accidents, or any combination thereof. Whether it's a snowy drive off a cliff, being dropped out of a helicopter, or an alien, vampire, demon, or evil mastermind coming to take over the city, there's never a shortage of strange happenings on daytime television. And that's not even including the plethora of run-of-the-mill shoot-outs, stabbings, kidnappings, deadly diseases, and other outrageous schemes.

"General Hospital" is certainly no different in this regard. Home to a family of notoriously villainous Greek royals who have populated the city of Port Charles for generations, the Cassadines' castle has provided the perfect backdrop for many major storylines over the years — including shocking reveals, strange encounters, and mysterious deaths (via Soaps). Wyndemere, the castle in question, is located on its own private island, complete with dangerous bluffs, an extensive underground catacomb system, more rooms than you can count, a few towers, and one extremely dangerous parapet. It's no shock, then, that more than a few "GH" characters have found themselves on the wrong side of said ledge, having jumped, fallen, or been pushed over, all to various fates. Here's a list of everyone who has taken the plunge off the highest point of casa Cassadine.

Katherine Bell fell victim to Helena Cassadine

The first person to have gone over the parapet at Wyndemere was Katherine Bell (Mary Beth Evans). In 1998, Stefan Cassadine (Stephen Nichols) proposed to Katherine (via Soap Central). On the night of their engagement party, Katherine learned that her groom-to-be was still in love with Laura Spencer (Genie Francis). Distraught, she went up to the parapet to get some air and fell victim to a trap that Stefan's evil mother, Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), had set for Laura. Leaning against the railing, which had been purposely loosened, Katherine soon fell from the tower into the waters below. She was presumed dead for several months, and Stefan even went on trial for her murder. Eventually, it was revealed that she was alive, thanks to some experimental drugs that Helena had secretly used to revive her.

Upon Katherine's return to Port Charles, Helena encouraged her to get revenge on Stefan by starting a relationship with his son, Nikolas Cassadine (then Tyler Christopher). Katherine then hatched a plan to get pregnant in order to manipulate Nikolas into staying with her, but she soon learned that the drugs that had saved her life had rendered her infertile, per Celebrating the Soaps. Instead, she faked a pregnancy and planned to stage a miscarriage. However, Katherine made the mistake of divulging her scheme to Helena. The older woman refused to let her beloved grandson be taken advantage of, so she decided to get rid of Katherine for good. In an ironic twist, Helena lured her up to the parapet and pushed her off. This time, Katherine didn't survive.

Anthony Zacchara jumped for his life

The next person to take an untimely dive off the parapet was homicidal mob boss Anthony Zacchara (Bruce Weitz) in 2007. At the time, Nikolas Cassadine and his fiancee Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston), were hosting the Black and White Ball at Wyndemere. Anthony was in attendance and had plans to murder Lulu Spencer (then Julie Berman) in an attempt to keep her away from his son, Johnny Zacchara (Brandon Barash), per Soap Central. The evening quickly devolved into a nightmare that resulted in several injuries and deaths. Over the course of the night, Anthony attempted to strangle Nikolas — twice — stabbed Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), forcing Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) to perform emergency surgery, and shot Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Additionally, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) had a heart attack, and Emily was later found murdered by the Text Message Killer.

At one point during this night of terror, Anthony was holding Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) at gunpoint on the parapet with the intent to kill them. However, Liz was able to distract Anthony long enough for Jason to reach for his gun. Anthony then attempted to escape by jumping off the parapet but was shot by Jason in the process (via Soaps). Despite the bullet wound and the fall, Anthony somehow managed to survive with only a broken back.

Brad Cooper's conscience was his downfall

In 2014, General Hospital lab technician Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) was experiencing a burgeoning romance with Lucas Jones (then Ryan Carnes) after splitting with Felix DuBois (Marc Samuel), according to Soaps in Depth. However, the situation was difficult for Brad. He was overcome with guilt because he had helped his best friend, Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud), steal a frozen embryo that belonged to Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and his wife, Lulu (Emme Rylan). Britt had then impregnated herself, given birth, and was now passing the child off as her own. Lucas was Lulu's cousin, and Brad struggled to keep lying to the man he was falling for.

At this time, Britt became engaged to Nikolas Cassadine, and the couple decided to host a celebration at Wyndemere. Meanwhile, Britt's mother, former mad scientist Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), realized that Brad was getting close to confessing the truth about the baby and wasn't about to let him ruin her daughter's life (via Soap Central). Liesl used the party as an opportunity to fix this problem by getting rid of Brad — she forced him up to the turret at knifepoint and pushed him over the parapet. Unfortunately for Liesl, Brad's high dive was fruitless. He survived the incident, and someone else revealed the truth about the baby's parentage, anyway. In the end, Britt lost the baby, her fiance and soon-to-be stepson, and her freedom as she quickly went on the run from the law. And due to his part in the scheme, Brad lost Lucas, too.

Ava Jerome took advantage of her plummet

In early 2020, Ava Jerome (Maura West) got herself mixed up with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). The two had previously had an arrangement in which Valentin agreed to send Ava to a specialist for plastic surgery to restore her face after she suffered severe burns, according to Soap Central. In return, Ava agreed not to testify against Valentin for murdering his nephew, Nikolas Cassadine. Unfortunately, Ava had inadvertently come into possession of a codicil to Mikkos Cassadine's will that disowned Valentin from the family fortune. He desperately wanted to get his hands on the document in order to protect the estate he had literally killed to get. While arguing on the castle's turret before Valentin's wedding to Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros), Ava vehemently refused to give Valentin any information about the document's whereabouts, and he pushed her over the parapet in a rage (via Soap Dirt).

However, during the wedding ceremony, Nikolas (now Marcus Coloma) — who had been faking his death — burst into the room with Ava in his arms after having fished her out of the water. Nikolas' loved ones were shocked to see him and even more surprised when he immediately married Ava upon his return. The two had agreed that she would give him the codicil in exchange for marriage and half of the fortune, per Soaps in Depth. Though Valentin was never held accountable for what he did to Ava, she ended up winning in the end — not only did she survive her fall, but she and Nikolas eventually fell in love, too.

Julian Jerome got the jump on his sister

Not even a year after Ava Jerome took a tumble over the Wyndemere parapet, her brother Julian Jerome (William deVry) suffered the same fate. The former mobster had claimed to have gone legit, but was proven to be responsible for planting a bomb at the Floating Rib that killed teenager Dev Cerci and schoolteacher Dustin Phillips and put Lulu Falconeri in a coma, according to Soaps in Depth. Though he had acted on the orders of drug lord Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) who had leverage over him, Ava knew that local mob boss with a heart of gold, Sonny Corinthos, wouldn't let her brother get away with what he had done. Now that Ava was happily married to Nikolas Cassadine and living in his castle, she told Julian he could hide out there. However, her true intentions were more sinister. She knew Julian would have to die, but she also knew that if Sonny got ahold of him, his death would not be pretty. Wanting to let her brother go in the most painless way possible, Ava brought him up to the turret with the intention of shooting him (via Soaps).

However, Sonny and his enforcer, Jason Morgan, arrived before she could pull the trigger. Unwilling to be caught by his nemesis, Julian leapt over the parapet in an attempt to escape. Though his fate was unknown at first, he eventually turned up alive. Unfortunately, Sonny was able to catch up with him, and during an altercation, a footbridge collapsed beneath the two and proved fatal for Julian.

Esme Prince took a leap of faith

In August 2022, Ava Jerome was involved in yet another accident at the top of Wyndemere. This time, she was fighting with nefarious teenager Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) — her stepson Spencer Cassadine's (Nicholas Chavez) girlfriend. Esme had helped Spencer stalk and torment Ava for months, including setting her car on fire and taunting her with the memory of her dead daughter (via Soaps in Depth). However, Ava hit her breaking point when she discovered Esme had seduced and slept with her husband, Nikolas Cassadine. The two women got into a fight on the turret, and Esme lost her balance and fell over the parapet. Assuming that Esme was dead and that Ava would be blamed, she and Nikolas tried to cover up the accident by telling everyone that the girl had fled the country.

Several months later, Esme reappeared in Port Charles, only to inform Nikolas that she was pregnant with his baby. A true Cassadine, Nikolas quickly locked her up in one of the castle's towers, planning to keep her captive until she gave birth. However, Esme took matters into her own hands. She set a fire and tried to escape by jumping over the parapet, believing she survived once before and could do it again, per Soap Opera Spy. Soon after, Esme washed ashore and was brought to General Hospital, where she claims to have amnesia and no memory of who she is or what happened to her (via SoapHub). Only time will tell if this is really a fresh start for her or just another one of her demented schemes.