Emily Ratajkowski Puts Lipstick On Her Nose, And You Should Too

Celebrities have long been credited with popularizing otherwise out-there beauty trends, such as Margot Robbie's influence on bottleneck bangs or Bella Hadid's revival of the divisive Y2K tattoo trend. Supermodel and actor Emily Ratajkowski is no exception when it comes to influencing pop culture — not least because she's absolutely stunning. 

In addition to fronting fashion and beauty campaigns all over the world, starring in movies, and launching her own swimwear line, Inamorata, Ratajkowski also published a collection of essays entitled "My Body" and fronts the hit podcast "High Low with Emrata" (per Hunter). Ratajkowski also continues to impress with her fashion and beauty choices, frequently sporting the hottest trends and glamorous red carpet looks. 

The in-demand supermodel has also taken to Instagram to provide insight into her beauty routine. Unexpectedly, one of her go-to hacks involves applying lipstick to her nose and it might just be the addition you need to make your own look sing. 

Emily Ratajkowski and the lipstick-as-blush trend

In an Instagram Live (via YouTube) session, Emily Ratajkowski broke down her beauty regimen, featuring a unique blush hack involving lipstick. Taking Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick, the supermodel drew a short, horizontal line on her nose, explaining that she was following the shape that a sunburn would make before moving onto her cheeks. Then, Ratajkowski blended in the product using her fingers. 

Later, after completing her eye makeup, the podcast host then reapplied the lipstick to her cheeks, mentioning that it was all about layering the product. The technique results in a subtly sun-kissed appearance. This is a look seen in several of Ratajkowski's Instagram selfies, but it's also an aesthetic that's become super popular on TikTok. 

#SunBurnBlush has thousands of hits on the site, with users utilizing liquid blush on their cheeks and noses to achieve a slightly sunburnt look much like Ratajkowski's. Conversely, "I'm cold" makeup is another major TikTok trend that embraces heavy blush and is also associated with the stunning supermodel. 

The pros of using lipstick as blush

If you're wondering why anyone would ditch traditional blush products for lipstick, Emily Ratajkowski revealed in her Instagram Live (via YouTube) that she actually prefers the feeling of lipstick on her face. Aside from giving the supermodel a sun-kissed look, Ratajkowski admitted she likes matching her blush color to her lips, too. The podcast host isn't the only noteworthy figure to push this technique, either. 

Katie Jane Hughes, a well-known makeup artist who's worked with some of the biggest celebs in the world, told StyleCaster that she loves the lipstick-as-blush trick. And, similar to Ratajkowski, Hughes matches her cheeks and lips, noting, "I can take a make-up brush, touch the bristles on the red lipstick and then sweep the brush on my cheeks to throw on the color. Then I've done two steps in one."

Hughes used lipstick on her nose and cheeks when participating in the cold girl makeup trend too, in a video shared on Instagram. While this trick is likely to work in a pinch, you can definitely experiment with regular blush products to achieve sun-kissed or cold-swept looks, too. Either way, this hack is definitely worth trying out at least once.