The Japanese Blush Application Trend For Perfectly Sculpted Cheeks

If you're a fan of learning new blush techniques, you're likely all over TikTok. The app is a treasure trove of makeup advice and full of buzzworthy blush trends like the C blush technique and yellow blush.

If you want to apply blush that will sculpt your cheeks and have them glow with natural warmth, you have to try the Japanese blush application trend known as "Igari" blush. Whereas traditional makeup limits blush to the apples of your cheeks, this application goes all over. Well, not all over, but more specifically on your eyes, nose, and ears, according to Byrdie.

It sounds redundant, but this blush style makes you look like you're, well, blushing. The trend makes its users appear with a coy, youthful demeanor. In the vein of innocence, it avoids harsh lines and applies more subtle, blended strokes of blush. Yet, by drawing attention to the cheekbones, the method creates a lift to naturally contour the cheeks into looking bright and plump.

Where does the Igari blush trend come from?

This heavy blush application gets its name from the Japanese celebrity makeup artist Igari Shinobu. In the 2000s, makeup trends in Japan emphasized vivid, bold eyes. However, Ipsy writes that Shinobu was the first to popularize subtle face and eye makeup while making blush the main focus. You'll also hear Igari blush referred to as "hangover makeup" or "drunk makeup." This is in reference to the ruby cheeks many people get after a drink.

This flushed, bashful look has roots deep in Japan's makeup history. "Centuries-old traditional geisha makeup features reds and pinks around the eye area," the founder of beauty brand Kimiko, Kimiko Vincent, told Byrdie. "It also draws on the modern 'kawaii' look of anime girls that features strong pink ovals on cheeks, below the eyes."

Elle reports that one of the unique elements of Igari blush, the pink-tipped earlobes, is also steeped in Japanese tradition. The beauty magazine explains that this rosy look imitates a healthy blood flow, making you appear youthful and exuberant.

How to apply Igari blush

To get the Igari blush look, you'll want to start by applying a light foundation layer going for a natural look. If you are often flushed or have any blotches of red, consider using green concealer to counter this. Then, once you have an even finish, begin applying the blush. You can either go with a powder, cream, or liquid-based blush. Makeup artist Aya Tariq recommended cream to Ipsy. According to Tariq, you'll want to make it look as close to a real flush as possible. The cream is likely to appear as though your skin has really warmed up and increased its blood flow.

YouTuber Nami Fernandez nailed the look and gave an easy-to-follow tutorial while she was at it. To get the same flushed, sculpted cheeks, apply a brighter pink-toned blush across your cheekbones. Following this, you'll want to blend a deeper pink-toned blush just below your eyes. It might feel a bit different than what you're used to, but bring the blush just below your waterline. Then you'll want to blend your blush right across the bridge of your nose.

And for the final step, makeup artist Hannah Martin mentioned to Byrdie that you can dap your earlobes with the same blush you used on your cheeks. This last touch will give you the full-faced warmth that the Igari blush trend is so famous for.