Days Of Our Lives Actors Who Have Played Multiple Salem Characters

When it comes to soap operas, fans are used to seeing the same actors go from sudser to sudser. However, there have been times when the same actor has played two — or more — different roles on the same soap opera. This is especially true for "Days of Our Lives." Long-time viewers know that the show has recycled actors in the past, and it definitely makes things interesting. Sometimes it's hard to notice when an actor has played more than one role.

"DOOL" icon John Aniston played the role of Victor Kiriakis for decades. However, before landing the role of Victor in 1985, Aniston played the lesser-known character of Eric Richards in 1969, per Soap Hub. "I was the prison doctor that treated Bill Horton very badly," Aniston previously said of his first Salem character. According to Soap Central, actress Renee Jones also pulled double duty without many fans thinking twice about it. Jones initially portrayed the character of Nikki Wade, a woman who worked at the police station and fell hard for Abe Carver. Ten years later, Jones was cast as Lexie, who also worked at the police station and fell in love with Abe. Abe and Lexie eventually got married and became a fan-favorite couple.

Meanwhile, other stars have also played multiple characters on the show throughout the years.

Robert Scott Wilson and Judi Evans have played dual roles

"Days of Our Lives" fans sometimes have to get used to seeing their favorite actor portray a totally different character. In the past, viewers fell in love with actor Robert Scott Wilson in the role of Ben Weston. Although Ben started off rocky and even became a serial killer, he redeemed himself and became a better man after falling in love with Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal). The duo became a super couple, but when they left Salem, Wilson quickly returned to the sudser in a new role. The actor began playing Alex Kiriakis just days later, and fans went through an adjustment period (via Soaps). However, Alex has also become a favorite among fans.

Meanwhile, actress Judi Evans portrayed the role of Adrienne Kiriakis for decades. Fans were stunned when the soap opera killed off Adrienne in a car accident during their iconic time jump storyline. In the past, Evans also played the role of Bonnie Lockhart, and after Adrienne's death, Bonnie returned, per Collider. Sure, Adrienne and Bonnie are doppelgangers, and it's been acknowledged on the show, but Ben and Alex are supposed to be unrelated characters.

However, Robert Scott Wilson isn't the only actor who has played two very different roles.

Kyle Lowder and Tamara Braun have both pulled double duty on DOOL

Sometimes fans meet an actor and can't imagine anyone else in the role. When Kyle Lowder was cast as John Black's son, Brady Black, fans couldn't get enough. As Brady, Lowder had great chemistry with his on-screen family and even fell hard for Chloe Lane. Fans loved the duo together, but when Lowder left "Days of Our Lives," he was later replaced with actor Eric Martsolf. Martsolf stepped into the role of Brady Black, and fans never really looked back. Meanwhile, Lowder did return to Salem to play the role of Roman Brady and Kate Roberts' son, Rex Brady, a role previously held by Eric Winter, per Soaps.

Like Lowder, actress Tamara Braun has also played two very different roles on the sudser. Braun was first introduced to viewers as Ava Vitali, a mafia princess with strong ties to Steve Johnson. However, a few years after exiting the soap, she returned to portray the role of Nicole Walker's sister, Taylor Walker (via Deadline). Once Taylor was off the canvas, Braun was free to later return as Ava, her better-known "Days of Our Lives" alter-ego.

Meanwhile, the list goes on.

A revolving door of Romans

Longtime "Days of Our Lives" viewers know that Roman Brady is one of the most beloved characters in Salem. However, his face has certainly changed a lot over the years. Originally, actor Wayne Northrup portrayed Roman Brady. However, after he was presumed dead, John Black entered the picture. According to Collider, John (Drake Hogestyn) believed himself to be Roman and assumed his identity. However, when the real Roman returned to Salem, John was forced to create a new identity and make a new life for himself. Meanwhile, it wasn't Northrup who returned to the role of Roman. Instead, Josh Taylor stepped into the role.

To make matters even more complicated, Taylor has previously played the role of Chris Kositchek for ten years on the soap opera (via TV Insider). Many years later, Northrup returned to "Days of Our Lives" in another role as well, playing Marlena Evans' secret first husband, Alex North, per Soaps.

If it sounds complicated, that's because it is. But Taylor has played the role of Roman Brady for decades now, even though many fans still remember the actor when he was Chris Kositchek all those years ago.

Stacy Haiduk and Eileen Davidson both played Kristen DiMera and Susan Banks

Eileen Davidson originated the role of Kristen DiMera on "Days of Our Lives." She also later portrayed Kristen's wacky doppelganger, Susan Banks. Over the years, Davidson went back and forth from playing Kristen and Susan, seemingly with ease. When Davidson left the soap opera, and Stacy Haiduk took over the role of Kristen, the newcomer was also tasked with portraying Susan, per Soap Opera Network. Both women knocked the roles out of the park and delivered the drama and comedy as Kristen and Susan.

Meanwhile, during her time on the sudser, Davidson also played three other characters as well. In addition to her roles as Kristen and Susan, the actress also portrayed Susan's three siblings, Sister Mary Moira, Penelope Kent, and Thomas Banks (via Collider). Davidson's unbelievable five-roles impressed viewers, and the actress' skills likely won't be forgotten by fans of the soap anytime soon.

In 2022, Davidson reprised the role of Thomas Banks in the soap's spin-off series "Beyond Salem," proving that she still has what it takes to portray multiple characters (via Soaps).

Deidre Hall and her twin sister Andrea Hall have both played multiple roles

Deidre Hall is one of the most iconic soap opera actresses of all time. Of course, "Days of Our Lives" fans know her as Dr. Marlena Evans. However, she's also portrayed the role of Marlena's lookalike Hattie Adams. However, what fans may not know is that Hall's real-life twin sister, Andrea Hall, has also appeared on the soap opera. In 1977, Andrea was cast as Marlena's twin sister, Samantha Evans. Sadly, Samantha was eventually killed by a serial killer called the Salem Strangler (via Soap Hub). The strangler believed he was killing Marlena but had actually taken the life of her identical twin. Later, Marlena named her first daughter, Sami, after her late sister.

However, Andrea eventually made her way back to "Days of Our Lives" when she originated the role of Hattie (via Soaps). Over the years, Andrea has opted not to return to the sudser in the role of Hattie. This is why Deidre has stepped in to play the former waitress and Marlena's wacky doppelganger, who has become an unlikely favorite among fans whenever she pops up in Salem.

Brandon Barash and Thaao Penghlis have portrayed DiMera doppelgangers

Unlike Deidre Hall, some "Days of Our Lives" stars don't have a real-life twin to help them out when they're asked to portray dual characters. That is the case for actor Thaao Penghlis, who has spent his entire "DOOL" career jumping back and forth between the characters Tony DiMera and his identical cousin, Andre DiMera, per Collider. Over the years, fans have likely gotten confused about which storylines involved Tony and which included Andre. However, Penghlis has always knocked it out of the park when it comes to playing the DiMera doppelgangers.

Meanwhile, another set of lookalike DiMeras is twin brothers Stefan and Jake. Actor Brandon Barash has played both brothers at different points in time (via Soaps in Depth). However, the brothers never got to meet their devious father, Stefano DiMera, nor each other, as they were adopted and separated at birth. Although Jake and Stefan had very different personalities, Barash had a handle on both brothers, making them beloved by fans.

While so many "Days of Our Lives" actors have been asked to play multiple characters over the years, fans love the loyalty that the stars have to the show and to whatever character they happen to be portraying at the time.