Kate Middleton Gives Insight Into The Easy Way She Manages To Work Out At Home

From her generous patronage to her inspiring charity work, Kate Middleton does it all, and looks great while doing it.

Even after three children, the Princess of Wales has clearly prioritized her physical fitness. According to her royal bio, Kate is a "keen sportswoman" who has enjoyed "playing tennis and hockey and sailing from a young age." But sport is only one aspect of her rigorous workout routine. One royal insider told Daily Mail that "Kate is an exercise junkie," frequently combining elements of CrossFit, aerobics, indoor rowing, and interval training into her daily exercise regimen. No wonder she looks incredible! 

But as a busy wife, mother, activist, and royal adviser, there aren't always enough hours in the day to travel to and from expensive gyms. The Princess of Wales shared that her newest form of activity is actually inspired by her young children while enjoying time together at home.

Kate's newest workout involves her little ones

While sources have reported there are parenting rules that Kate and William must follow, no royal rule states that you can't run after your kids. During a visit to the Rugby Football Union, Kate Middleton was asked to share her latest workout routine, she admitted that most of her activity comes from being a parent. Daily Mail Royal Editor Rebecca English tweeted the Princess's response, writing, "It's running around after the children ... whenever I can squeeze in exercise I do ... even jumping on the trampoline with my children before school." When discussing her children's activities, she said, "We're always slightly competitive with each other. They all love sport and Louis is mad about rugby." It seems that the little royals inherited Kate's athleticism. With all the running that the Princess of Wales does, it's no surprise that her children followed in her footsteps.

Daily Burn reported that including your kids into your daily exercise is a great way to optimize your time while also encouraging good habits about physical activity for your children. While having a rigorous workout routine is clearly beneficial, we love seeing that Kate Middleton prioritizes spending time with her children, and gets her workout in at the same time!