Luxury Watches Are The Powerful Women's Accessory On The Rise In 2023

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Among the myriad of fashion trends that will completely take over 2023 is one accessory that has more uses than just looking cool. According to Watch Ranker, wristwatches have been popular since World War I, and while there could be reasons to believe that they're on their way out, this is actually far from true. Telling time with ease is what made wristwatches a beloved accessory; ironically, time is exactly what could have brought about their demise. As time passes, technology advances, and in 2023, pretty much everyone has an iPhone in their hand that tells them the time faster than even a glance at the minute hand on their wrist. So, why does the wristwatch persist?

Per Who What Wear, watches have become more than just another rebooted trend of yore — they're a status symbol, especially for young women. There were times in the past few years that young women might have thought of wearing a luxury watch as a dated fashion faux pas; an accessory mistake that makes you look older. This year, though, this couldn't be further from the truth.

It-girls and influencers are loving luxury watches. Brynn Wallner, the founder of Dimepiece, told Who What Wear that "thanks to social media, women are having conversations about watches that aren't so niche or nerdy or come with predisposed knowledge." If you're wondering how to make the wristwatch part of your wardrobe this year, there's surely a way to rock the trend that will fit your style.

Pop of color

When thinking of a watch, you likely imagine a piece of jewelry that's plain or understated –– gold, silver, or with a neutral band, like black or brown. With the 2023 rise of the wristwatch, though, it's time to start thinking outside of the box. Like other accessories, your watch can add interest to your look, and that could even come in the form of a pop of color. If you're considering springing for a new watch, consider choosing one in a bright hue that will add a little spice to your go-to outfits. 

Match-y match-y

If you do choose to opt for a watch that provides a pop of color, be sure to choose a vibrant hue that you love, because you may want to incorporate it into more than just your watch. According to beauty blogger, Daniela Labory, the monochrome trend isn't going anywhere this season. 2023 is the year to put together your most marvelously matching monochrome looks, so why stop with your watch? We love the idea of matching your watch color to your 'fit or just matching your nails to your watch for a more subtle monochrome moment. 

Classic and classy

If a colorful watch isn't exactly your style and you fancy yourself more of a neutral girlie, there's nothing wrong with opting for something more understated. As they say, "classic is classic for a reason," and a low-key, yet beautiful watch can be just as impactful as one that draws attention. Not only is this Movado pick simple and chic, but it'll fit right in with the 2023 bangle trend without breaking the bank. Match it with other simple jewelry, and you've got the key to boosting the style of even your simplest outfits. 

Cool and creative

What time is it? Time to invest in a fun timepiece! If classic just isn't your style and committing to one color is way too restrictive, think of your watch as an unexpected way to express yourself. An artsy, off-the-wall watch will add interest to whatever you wear. There are so many options on the market with a wide range in both price and style that don't compromise on whimsy. We can't stop thinking about this Versace watch that would make us feel like we had a museum on our wrist whenever we wore it.

Stacked with bracelets

No matter which luxury watch you choose to invest in, you can easily alter its look and make it fit with different outfits and vibes by changing how you style it. Stack your watch with different bracelets to achieve a mix of aesthetics and add to the impact of your watch. In particular, as Cosmopolitan noted, stacked bangles are expected to be in over the course of the coming year. Try stacking some gold bangles with your gold watch, or even incorporate varying colors for a fun, unexpected look. 

Elevate your smartwatch

There's one group of people who will find this trend difficult to get on board with. Those of us who are addicted to our Apple watch or smartwatch are certainly not going to be inclined to swap out a watch that shows us our texts and counts our steps for one that simply tells time. If this sounds like you, don't worry –– per Forbes, there are tons of luxury smartwatch bands that will help you to stay on-trend without feeling out of touch. There are also cases that can further camouflage your smartwatch, like this high-end Michele case