Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth's Viral Makeup Challenge With Husband Austin Produces Mixed Results

Since the launch of YouTube almost 18 years ago (per Britannica), people have used it to share all sorts of homemade videos: inspirational, quirky, hilarious, or totally NSFW. The platform has often been used to promote challenges in which people try a stunt or other activity designed to amaze or amuse. YouTube makeup challenges are among the most popular; they, too, range from clever (No Mirror Makeup is a handy skill to master) to freaky (who really wants to look like a Bratz doll?) Now, one of the daughters of the famous Duggar family has gotten into the act.

Expectant mom Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth, whose recent gender reveal party showed that she's having a second son, explained to followers of her Follow the Forsyths channel that she's been wanting to try the "Husband Does Wife's Makeup" challenge for nearly two years. As the title suggests, the idea is to have one's spouse try their hand at playing makeup artist to their wife. Joy's husband, Austin, has been trying to "dodge the bullet," as he put it, but he finally gave in for the sake of posterity. 

As Joy laid out her selection of supplies, Austin joked about the names of the products. He misread a tube as being "butt butter," and snarked, "I love putting Urban Decay on my face." But he finally got down to business, gingerly swabbing foundation onto Joy's face. "This is definitely going to be one of those 'you get what you pay for'," he warned.

Austin got an A for effort

Some 3,000 followers tuned in to Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth's makeup challenge on YouTube to see the results of Austin's work. As a home builder whose interests run toward hunting and softball, Austin doesn't exactly have mascara application in his skill set. At one point, sensing he was having a little too much fun, Joy cried, "Hey, you have to make me look nice! You can't purposely make me look bad." 

Finally, Joy was ready to look at herself in the mirror to see if her husband's job was a "flip or flop," as he put it. Her reaction was a giggly "Wow, babe," as she realized Austin had piled on the blush. It stood out, but not in the good dramatic makeup type of way. He also neglected to blend the foundation onto her neck and apply under-eye concealer. Austin's response: "I can't fix bags. I'm not a plastic surgeon." Joy rated the first-time makeover just a 4 out of 10, but her followers were much more forgiving: "I would give him a 7 on makeup and a 10 on being a great husband," said one. 

Part of the challenge is agreeing to be seen in public with the makeup on, so the Forsyths went to a restaurant afterward. Joy asked, "Would you be embarrassed to go out to dinner with me?" and Austin replied, "I would never be embarrassed to go out to dinner with you." That answer rated a solid 10 with Forsyth fans.