The Biggest Mistake You're Making With Dramatic Makeup

No matter what your go-to makeup routine is, we all love to rock a dramatic going-out look every once in a while. If you happen to be in the market for a brand-new dramatic beauty look, the trend cycle is always ready to deliver. From the eye-catching glass lip trend to TikTok's viral LED eyeliner look, there are plenty of bold makeup looks to try that will tempt even those of us who tend to steer away from wild makeup to dip our toes in.

Still, no matter how strong the temptation of the bold chrome lips trend or Rihanna's black lipstick may be, many of us are wary of rocking them ourselves, no matter how much we love these looks on others. As cool and daring as these beauty trends are, they also run the risk of being over the top. While most of us would love to strut into the bar looking like Lizzo in one of her amazing, artistic eye makeup looks, the threat of going astray and ending up looking like Pennywise instead is strong. 

Luckily, while it may feel daunting, experts claim that pulling off a dramatic makeup look just like the pros isn't as difficult or risky as it may seem on the surface. In fact, keeping just one simple rule in mind could give you the confidence to finally achieve the going-out beauty look of your dreams. 

Why finding focus in your bold makeup look is key

The key to mastering dramatic makeup is a lot like the key to mastering life: It's all about balance. According to Goop, when it comes to a big night out look, you should pick one feature to be the focus so it's not too overwhelming. Makeup artist to the stars Benjamin Puckey advises, "If you do a bold eye look, choose a nude lip color that doesn't wash out your complexion" (via Byrdie). By the same token, if you're dying to try a bold new lip color, Puckey recommends keeping your eye makeup more neutral too.  

Whichever feature you choose to be the focus of your look should get the full-on dramatic treatment, however. That doesn't mean that you should go all-out with a bold lip sans mascara or a vibrant eyeshadow look with bare lips and no color on your cheeks. Pair your elaborate eye makeup look with a neutral, glossy lip. 

When you're wearing a bright lip color, be sure to still sport eyeliner and lashes; just stick to neutrals for your eyeshadow. While balance should always be the first order of business when it comes to creating your coolest going-out look, there are a few other tips that can help you to achieve that perfect dramatic effect you're aiming for, too. 

These are the keys to perfect party makeup

Regardless of whether you want bold lips or eyes for your party makeup, a few things always apply. First, make sure you have a clean canvas. Celeb makeup artist Jessica Marie warned Byrdie that even if you execute your dramatic makeup look successfully, you have to start with clean skin to get it right. An extra clean face and fresh skincare are a must. Marie also encourages topping up your usual skincare routine with a good primer.

Once you're ready to apply your bold makeup, keep in mind that the feature you choose to highlight can actually be to your advantage. As the legendary Bobbi Brown explained, "Like my super bright red nails that I love to wear, I adore a pop of color and not much else. ... I would wear the red gloss with just mascara and a little Miracle Balm on my skin," (via the Irish Examiner). Now that's working smarter, not harder.

Ultimately, heading out for the night is the perfect time to experiment with your makeup, and keeping these tips in mind will make sure you pull it off well. According to Benjamin Puckey, "If there's a color you're afraid to wear, try it at night. It won't look as intense." So, choose between your eyes and lips, pick your favorite bold makeup trend, and get ready to shine.