TikTok's 'Blurry Lip' Trend Is A Super Forgiving Way To Apply Your Lipsticks

The beauty side of TikTok has exploded in the past few years, with #BeautyTok having garnered tens of billions of views by itself. This side of the app features everything from skincare tips to makeup tutorials, giving life to trends faster than they've ever been bred before.

In terms of lip looks, TikTok has popularized iconic seasonal lip colors and revived '90s lip trends. Along with these, clear lip liner has been praised on the app as a lipstick application hack. While many TikTok lip trends do rely on more precise execution, some styles are more forgiving than others.

Spotted on Sadie Sink, the blurry lip trend is one TikTok-fueled style that is perfect for mistake-prone makeup lovers. It can easily be recreated at home and doesn't require constant maintenance throughout the day, making it more laid-back than other viral lip looks. Beyond this, the blurred lip is a super cute, more natural-looking method for lipstick application.

All about the blurry lip trend

Many variations of the blurry lip exist, ranging from the blotted to the popsicle. While takes on these trends may differ slightly, they all revolve around a lip look that isn't as clean-cut as the perfectly lined pouts that we're used to. Instead, the blurry lip is characterized by its messy, faded edges.

Overall, the look is heavily linked to Korean beauty, with YouTuber Nara from Korea explaining how the gradient look aligns with the more "natural" makeup styles popular in K-beauty. This sentiment is echoed by Jason Hoffman, VP of Beauty and Product for Amyris, who told Byrdie how the reverse ombre trend is inspired by hot pot lips, a beauty fad named for the flushness replicated in the look.

K-pop stars such as Joy from Red Velvet and Kim Lip from Loona have worn the blurry lip style. Other stars sporting the trend include Daisy Edgar-Jones, who has rocked the popsicle lip along with Sadie Sink. The popularity of these blurred, smudgy lip looks can also be observed in the recent rise of blot and stain lip products (per Allure).

How to achieve the blurred lip look

Now that you know about the blurry lip trend, you can move on to recreating it at home. Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes made a TikTok to explain an easy, quick technique. First, dab an eyeshadow brush against your lip product, preferably a powdery, matte lipstick.

Then, start applying the product at the center of your lips, brushing it outward to create an imperfect, blurry look. Once you've established this base, you can apply some product directly to the center of the lips, blending it out moderately to really achieve the gradient look. Hughes then goes in with a matching lip liner to define the edges of her blurry lip a little bit more.

TikTok user @liyuan.gif also demonstrates that you can use concealer and layered lip products to create the blurred look. For this technique, start applying some everyday concealer to your lips, blending it as you would elsewhere.

Then, add your first layer of lip product, similarly starting at the center of your mouth and brushing out the color with your fingers and a cotton swab. Instead of matte lipsticks, a liquid product is more fitting for this technique. Next, take a darker lip color and focus it on the center of your lips. For this layer, you want to avoid blending it out as much as the first, so that a gradient is created.