Why A U-Shaped Haircut Is Perfect If You Have Fine Hair

Up-dos and bone-straight styles are a breeze with fine hair. You don't have to carry a mini flat iron to refresh locks during bathroom breaks or be on the hunt for extra large hair scrunchies. Since the individual strands are thin, hair tends to be easier to manage and style. However, volume is one of the biggest challenges with fine hair.

Luckily, there are blow-drying methods, volumizer ingredients, and a variety of haircuts that can make fine hair appear thicker. And better yet? No one will be able to tell the difference. For fine stands, Glamour recommends haircuts that amplify texture while minimizing the hair's weight. Remember the V-shaped haircut? It was a layered hairstyle with a dramatic point. It got the job done, but it has been one-upped by the U-cut. This style is an answered prayer for fine locks, without tricks that promise volume but ultimately damage your hair.

Unlock thicker and healthier hair with a U-shaped cut

The U-cut is pretty much as its name implies, a haircut that lays your ends in the shape of the letter U. The sides are snipped shorter, leaving the longer middle to create the smiling outline. Hairstylist Danielle Garner describes it as "where the hair has been layered to remove weight from the sides and baseline of your hair" (per Woman & Home). Unlike its cousin, the V-cut, the U-shape hairstyle is a kiss of femininity that breaks the edgy trend cycle. Dramatic sharp ends are replaced with subtle soft silhouettes that fit every hair type: This hairstyle is incredibly flattering for fine hair.

The shorter pieces of the U-shaped cut add flow. Celebrity hairstylist Gina Rivera told Real Simple that "any time there is more movement, which is created by texture and soft layers in the U-cut, the hair will appear fuller but weigh less." It is the perfect shape to give fine strands instant volume without teasing (which can cause major breakage) or curling (which can be super time-consuming).

The best styles for a U-shaped haircut

A neatly trimmed U-cut can stand all on its own. There is no need to crimp or curl in order to highlight this hairstyle. However, a little accentuating can go a long way. Stephen Buller, salon director at Buller and Rice, suggests pops of color for this soft silhouette. He revealed to Refinery29 that balayage and ombre coloring "works perfectly for the U-shape haircut as the layers and varying lengths showcase the nuances in the colors beautifully." You can't go wrong with the cut and color combination.

Keep in mind, the key to styling your hair is to first make sure it's healthy. Hair educator Gina Scipioni told Pure Wow, "When you have layered hair, your ends are on full display, so you want to make sure you keep them well-moisturized with a hair oil and a deep conditioner." You don't want to ruin a perfect U-cut with frazzled ends. The best conditioners for fine hair will help add volume, texture, and body. The U-shape hairstyle will deliver wind-swept hair that will have you and your ends smiling.