The Unique Pillow That Can Help Prevent Dark Under-Eye Circles

No one wants to have dark under-eye circles but many of us are plagued with these troublesome menaces. And, worse still, they're kind of impossible to get rid of. There are many supposed remedies for banishing dark circles but they don't work for everyone. Dark circles under the eyes can be a result of medical conditions such as thyroid disease, allergies, and iron deficiency (via Medical News Today). 

They can also appear simply from inheriting the genes for them or losing the fat pad that naturally cushions the area as you age. Without that cushion, the capillary-filled area becomes more pronounced. However, dark under-eye circles are often a byproduct of bad lifestyle habits, such as lack of sleep, smoking, rubbing your eyes too much, or not drinking enough water. 

"Remember, water makes up about 60% of the human body," dermatologist Courtney Rubin, MD, pointed out to Byrdie. "If you are seriously dehydrated, your body's tissues will start to shrink, including your skin and the delicate tissue under the eyes." Thankfully, there's a unique pillow that might just be the solution to all our dark circle problems. 

Ways to combat dark under-eye circles

Though you obviously can't change your genetics or your age, you can certainly work on improving the daily habits that may be contributing to creating dark circles under your eyes. That means aiming to get sufficient sleep which is roughly seven hours a night minimum for adults, per the Cleveland Clinic. It also helps to limit alcohol consumption, which can reduce circulation, stop smoking, take allergy medications if needed, and refrain from rubbing your eyes.

If you wake up and notice puffy circles immediately, it's time to take action. Apply a cold compress, tea bag, or chilly cucumber slices straight from the fridge to your under-eye area. This will help the dilated vessels under the skin, which make the dark circles look more obvious, to tighten (via the Mayo Clinic). Another tactic is to get a jade roller and use it on your face to promote increased circulation and lymphatic drainage. Otherwise, a certain type of pillow may help. 

A wedge pillow could be a lifesaver

As Healthline acknowledges, although you may be trying to get more sleep to avoid under-eye circles, if you generally snooze with your head flat on the pillow it may also exacerbate the problem. That's because when you lay flat, body fluid can pool and land right in those sensitive areas. It's the reason you have a puffy face when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning. 

An easy way to stop your face from retaining water is to keep your head elevated as you sleep, which may be easier said than done. When we stack our pillows, it can feel uncomfortable and you may wake to find a pillow or two have fallen to the floor during the night, too. You could even wake up with a crick in the neck from the odd way you laid your head all night.

A wedge pillow is specially designed and shaped to keep your neck in proper alignment while also keeping your head nicely elevated, per The Greatist. According to Seema Bonney, MD, a wedge pillow can help improve your sleep posture which in turn boosts sleep quality overall (via Mind Body Green). With a consistent sleep schedule and your head properly elevated, you could soon be on your way to brighter under-eyes.