Valentine's Day Nail Inspiration You'll Fall In Love With

Valentine's Day marks the season of red and pink. Heart-shaped chocolate in heart-shaped boxes, holiday cards with double entendres, and kissing couples everywhere. Although if you find yourself single during this lover's time, you might be in luck. A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found single individuals are more likely to socialize, receive, and give help than their married peers. So who needs a spouse? Like Miley Cyrus sings, "I can buy myself flowers."

This season is the perfect excuse to send yourself edible arrangements and channel your inner Elle Woods. While you celebrate in your own way, raise your holiday spirit by dressing the part. Whether you're going head-to-toe in a look that challenges Cupid for his job or prefer a subtle pop of pink, Valentine's Day nails are a must. We have designs that incorporate popular nail trends and include ideas for those who aren't fans of pink.

Heart cut-out nails

Sometimes your heart is just not in it. That is exactly the case with these heart cut-out nails. The missing heart leaves a hollow outline that is fun and loveable. You have manicurist Britney Tokyo to thank for creating this design that is a hole-in-one (via Allure). The Los Angeles-based nail technician created the look for Rita Ora, birthing this punch-hole nail trend. It is perfect for Valentine's day. Regardless of the color or embellishments, it will still scream love.

Heart-shaped French tips

There are quite a few undeniable classics in the beauty and fashion worlds. We're talking about red lipstick, the little black dress, and of course, French tips. This nail design, which is a traditional white stripe on your nail's edge, is getting a makeover for Valentine's day. The flat tips are instead adorned with unmistakable heart rounds. To really nail the heart tips, we recommend almond or stiletto-shaped nails to mimic the point of a heart's bottom. 

Connecting heart nail design

Heart-shaped B.F.F. necklaces were a Y2K highlight. Two half-heart chains link together to make a whole heart and a memory that lasts forever. Now that concept lives again through nail art. The design by @setsbytsu is a play on the Powerpuff Girls nail trend. Her model's ring and middle fingernails are filed into half hearts. When aligned, the pair create the lover's symbol, and we can't help but adore it. The silhouette on each nail is similar to lipstick-shaped nails but with a Valentine's Day twist.

Red and pink swirls

Hearts might be a symbol of love, but you don't need them to make a nail set fit for the lover's holiday. Simply having red and pink will shout Valentine's day, and with TikTok's "red nail theory," it might just be the color for attracting men. Swirls are a design that is easy to DIY and will look good on any nail shape. Even if you're a little shaky painting with your non-dominant hand, no one will be able to tell.

Simple hearts

Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean you have to go all pink and red. White is a simple color that can represent purity and peace. According to City Flowers, a bouquet of white roses signifies true love. Staying away from traditional holiday colors will keep your manicure in style even after the season has ended. Keep it elegant with white trips, or add wintery elements like white glitter — even a baby blue hue works well. They'll go with any outfit and are bridal-ready for an impromptu Valentine's Day wedding.

Love message nail art

Nothing says love like L-O-V-E. Symbolism is nice, but you can not go wrong with a straightforward message. With this romantic nail set, you can switch up the font to match your aesthetic. Try Times New Roman for a cool, rigid vibe or Comic Sans for a playful, fun one. This style brings sweetheart candies to your nails which is ideal for incorporating any color while staying on theme. Short lovey-dovey phrases like "be mine" or "miss you" also pair well in this lettered design.

3D heart design

Forget pop-up cards and let your nails stand out with 3-dimensional art instead. The Valentine's Day set by @nailsbygiselle_1 features 3D hearts in pink French tips with rhinestones. The pop effect is subtle with each nail's monochrome pallet. An Instagram creator marketing lead Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli says the 3D design "really elevates the idea of a manicure; it's like a piece of art on its own" (via Refinery29). This look is ideal for a muted feminine style. 

Barbiecore nails

If you're a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, this is the nail style for you. What better time to embrace Barbiecore than a holiday that highlights pinks and reds? This nail set by @deesnails21 is a maximalist's dream come true. There are gems, glitter, French tips, and heart-shaped stones. Both hands are painted differently to maximize creative design, yet somehow they match perfectly. This aesthetic welcomes sparkles, jewels, and pink. If Barbie had Valentine's Day nails, this would be it.

2D Valentine's Day nails

The pop effect of 3D nails makes them a sculptural masterpiece, while the surrealism of 2D nails will instantly win you over. The TikTok search for 2D nails has 3.5 billion views. It is clear this cartoon-style design is not going anywhere. With a Valentine's Day spin, this trend was given new life. The playful artistry manipulates shadow and light to make your nails look like a sticker. A heart decal is a cherry on top that seals the deal.

Luscious lips design

Break free from the hearts this holiday season and show romance with lips. Whether puckered, smiling, drooling, or simply outlined, lips symbolize love and sexiness. According to creative director of Lulu Guinness David Hodgson "there's something really sensual and sculptural about them" (via Harper's Bazaar). Embrace the lips and have them be your nail art for Valentine's Day. The design by @nailssbyisabel._ showcases simple white lips adorned on long red French tips. With long nails, deep red color, and lip prints, you can't get any sexier.