The Common Product That Makes Untangling Necklaces That Much Easier

Necklaces have an instant way of embellishing any look. This is why you probably have a few tucked away in your jewelry box. They come out in pairs or singles depending on the occasion and you feel a sense of elegance when you wear them with your favorite outfits. 

Layering your necklaces for each type of top you own might also be a style go-to for you. But, with layering, packing necklaces for travel, or even just storing them in your purse or jewelry box for safekeeping comes the dreadful mess you've probably faced one too many times already: tangling. The process of untangling necklaces often requires a great deal of patience and skill that might seem beyond you. 

Does this mean you have to be ultra-careful not to tangle the jewelry while wearing or storing them? Or, is there some common product lying around in your home that could make the untangling much easier? While it's always advisable not to get your precious pieces of jewelry coiled in the first place, you'd be surprised at how easy it is to set things straight when you're in a twist, per Who What Wear

Baby oil to the rescue

It's the sweet-smelling liquid you can use for massages, to remove makeup, and even as a substitute for shaving cream (via Pure Wow). Did you know that baby oil can also be used to untangle necklaces? If you don't have any lying around, olive oil will also work. Either way, you'll want to get the knotted area of your necklace or necklaces carefully oiled before you begin the unraveling process.

What you'll need — baby oil or olive oil, a cotton swab, warm water, and mild soap, per Byrdie. Begin by applying a small amount of oil (using the cotton swab) to the tangled area and gently tease the jewelry apart. The slippery nature of the oil will make the untangling process easier. If it's a particularly stubborn knot, grab a safety pin and gently pull the chains apart. 

There are a few useful pointers to keep in mind. Place your tangled jewelry on a flat surface as you work on it. And, don't work on the necklace over a sink or any other space that could potentially cause your precious item to be lost forever in case you drop it. Keep in mind, work on the knot as gently as possible: after all, you don't want to break or damage the jewelry while trying to set it free. "Once untangled, rinse in warm water and pat dry before storing away," jewelry entrepreneur Alicia Sandve shared with InStyle

Baby powder works for untangling necklaces too

In case you can't find baby oil or olive oil at home, baby powder works just as well, according to Today. Again, work on a flat surface and lay your tangled jewelry or pieces of jewelry before you. Coat the entire necklace — including the knots — with powder. You can work on the loops with your fingers or use a pin just like before. Rinse or wipe off the powder once you've untangled the necklace or necklaces. 

Fashion stylist KJ Moody explained to InStyle that it's best to tease the knots apart with your fingers before you begin the detangling process. "Separate by hand as much as you can, if multiple chains are knotted together, and work the knot back and forth between your thumb and pointer finger to help loosen the knot." 

Part of owning and wearing jewelry is knowing how to care for them. There are numerous suggestions for how to store and travel with necklaces so you can avoid a tangled mess — like the straw method and putting them in separate ziplock bags, per Koser Jewelers. You can also get helpful hints from TV characters, such as Love Quinn who has a cool layered necklace hack that will leave you worry-free when wearing multiple necklaces at the same time.