Valentine's Day 2023 Makeup Looks That Are Absolutely Swoon-Worthy

Down with the Christmas lights and up with the mood lighting: it's almost Valentine's Day! This romantic holiday celebrates all things love — and candy. And this year, we are celebrating love in all its forms: send your favorite family member a sweet bouquet or show your best friends your platonic love with a box of candy hearts.

Whether you plan to wine and dine your special someone or stick to the classic Netflix and chill this Valentine's Day, get ready to spend some quality time — and a good chunk of change. According to Statista, spending in the US is estimated to hit 24 billion dollars this Valentine's Day, with most people spending money on jewelry and lavish dates.

But let's be honest: you are the best gift your valentine will receive. No matter what your plans are this February 14, take a moment to celebrate yourself with a glamorous Valentine's Day makeup look that makes you feel like the main character in a romantic comedy.

This classic look is perfect for your Valentine's Day celebrations

If you're looking to glam up your usual makeup routine this Valentine's Day, this is the look for you. Instagram user @sste.phyy posted a photo set of her date night-inspired makeup, complete with a bold red lip and statement eyeliner. We can't get enough of this trendy take on a classic makeup style: her bold winged eyeliner connects over her crease for a dramatic outline that pairs perfectly against soft blush eyeshadow and vibrant red lipstick.

We are in love with the detail in this mini hearts makeup look

Let your date know your true feelings with this adorable makeup look, posted by Instagram user @sourandnasty. The details on each eye's inner and outer corners are made up of tiny red and pink hearts floating over a subtle shimmery eyeshadow with a matching highlight around her cheekbones and nose. Her lips flash a bright pink-red lipstick to tie the whole look together. Talk about heart eyes!

Show off your valentine glow with these warm tones

Take your special someone on a romantic sunset picnic while rocking this gorgeous Valentine's Day-inspired look. Instagram user @hayley_perez2 showed off her warm-toned smokey eye with a sparkling cut crease dividing the vibrant pink and soft red eyeshadows. The long, wispy lashes add a flirty touch while keeping things soft and subtle. Her lips are lined with a neutral shade of brown, letting the colors from her eyeshadow take the spotlight.

Your valentine will definitely appreciate this bold lip

Give your valentine a big kiss with this stunning lipstick trend. According to Instagram user @becandycosmetics, her vibrant Valentine's Day lip is a combination of "Be Berry + Be Grape" lipsticks. Her lips are outlined with a bright magenta hue that fades into a stunning light purple at the center. The effortless ombre of her matted lipstick is beyond impressive. The rest of her face has minimal coverage, with only a long lash to compliment her bold lip.

Be pretty in pink this Valentine's Day

You've heard of wearing your heart out on your sleeve, but Instagram user @feverfairy takes it a step further by wearing her hearts on her eyelids! This look celebrates all things pink, from the light pink shimmering eyeshadow to the dark fuchsia powder outlining a heart on her crease. Tiny heart stickers on the corners of her eyes and a glossy lip add playful touches to this festive Valentine's Day look.

Spook your valentine with these adorable creepy crawlies

For those who are celebrating Valentine's Day but wish it was Halloween, this look is for you. Instagram user @makeupbyaliciamcg shared her spooky smokey eye that is covered in spiders! Channel your inner Wednesday Addams with this romantic goth-inspired makeup design. The spiders form a heart around this makeup artist's face, crawling over her subtle gray eyeshadow and bright red lip. We can't get over this alternative take on Valentine's Day makeup — even spiders deserve a little extra love this holiday. But, be careful your date doesn't have arachnophobia!

Give your no-makeup makeup look a pop of color this Valentine's Day

This colorful cut crease is everything! Instagram user @nma.beautyy shared this gorgeous no-makeup makeup look featuring a vibrant pop of light pink liquid eyeliner. This look is perfect no matter what your plans are this V-Day: wear your pop of pink to the office, show it off at a low-lit dinner, or dance the night away with your besties while winking at all the eligible singles looking your way.

Give your valentine a subtle hint with this bold look

Stand out in the crowd with this makeup look that lets everyone know you are ready for a make-out sesh! Instagram user @sandijarquin posted her dramatic Valentine's day look featuring multiple lipstick outlines on the corners of her eyes and cheeks. If you don't have a bestie to help you out and give you a few lipstick-stained kisses, you can achieve this look on your own using only cling wrap! @Sandijarquin posted a tutorial video on her Instagram showing her followers how she achieved her kissable makeup look. This lipstick print makeup look went viral on TikTok last year, and it looks like the trend is here to stay this Valentine's Day.

Celebrate all things sweet with these candy heart details

Valentine's Day is all about love, but we might love the heart-shaped candy the most. Channel your inner sweet tooth with this pastel-colored makeup look. Instagram @crueltyfreemakeupheaven shared her stunning creation, inspired by the colors of the classic V-Day candy: conversation hearts. The possibilities for this look are endless: DIY your favorite sweet and sassy sayings on the colorful hearts that decorate your cheeks, from "XOXO" to "Call me!"

Don't be blue this Valentine's Day -- wear blue, instead!

If pink and red aren't your colors, you can still celebrate the holiday in style with this gorgeous cool-toned look. Instagram user @marikasmakeup shared a unique Valentine's day look she designed by drawing white hearts and sparkles and sticking shiny gems over a teal blue eyeshadow. With this look, you can flash your flirty heart designs at your valentine every time you bat your eyes. With a small black heart above her cheekbone and a glossy pink lip, this look is totally swoon-worthy!