Does The Lipstick-Print Makeup Trick On TikTok Actually Work?

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and instead of getting hung up on whether boo'd up or not for the holiday, we encourage embracing it in a fun way with or without a partner. Binge watch rom-coms on Netflix, plan a Galentine's day, have a solo dinner date, scream along to Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" 10 minute version all day long. And let's not forget the option of going on an actual date if you have someone — whatever you do, the vibes are all about dolling yourself up in all the pink and red you can get your hands on. Like any other holiday, it's sometimes fun to just embrace it by dressing up or experimenting with a fun Valentine-themed makeup look. 

On the very first day of February the internet instantly gets overrun by Valentine's makeup tutorials. Everyone has their own fun take on a unique look, or their own suggestion of the very best red lipstick for the occasion. One place you can definitely expect to find fun Valentine's makeup looks is TikTok. Makeup TikTok is where you'll end up scrolling for hours in awe of the raw talent and creativity. These "Euphoria"-inspired TikTok looks featured on Nylon have been incredible. What screams Valentine's Day makeup more than literal kisses all over your face? Sound impossible to pull off? Here's one TikToker's take on how tricky the trend is.

All you need is some cling film and lipstick

Speaking of makeup TikTok, @Mimiermakeup is a TikToker that's bound to show up as one of the top creators under the hashtag. The makeup guru has garnered 12 million followers on TikTok. Fans love to watch her create unique makeup looks, but they especially love watching her take on TikTok makeup trends for relatable content of someone attempting the look and giving a real verdict on if it's doable. When TikToker @Meicrosoft shared an impressive Valentine's makeup look with lip prints all across her eyelids and showed a step-by-step of how she achieved it, Mirta Miller couldn't resist. 

Miller begins the TikTok video by creating a glowy skin base before getting into the experiment. As @Meicrosoft shows in her tutorial, the look is achieved by applying red lipstick to your lips, and then pressing a piece of cling film to your lips and transferring and pressing that piece of cling film gently across your eyelids repeatedly to create a pattern. Miller goes through the steps, but when it comes to her first pressing application things go a little wrong. With a little fix here and there she saves it, and the following lipstick-print marks actually go effortlessly and are complete with a seal of face powder on top.

What's so great about this look is that the results look fifty times more impressive and intricate than the process actually is thanks to @Meicrosoft's hack. Step outside of your comfort zone and try to finesse this unique Valentine's Day makeup look!