Romantic Hairstyles Perfect For Valentine's Day 2023

Bright bursts of pink and red, heart-shaped everything wherever you go, and the warm feeling of love in the air can only mean one thing: Valentine's day is practically here, so now is the time to start manifesting your date night look. Take this as your permission to rock whatever romantic hairstyle you've always wanted to try, but maybe needed a little extra courage. Your hair, plus your complimentary Valentine's Day makeup look, will wow your date and start the night off on the right foot.

It doesn't matter if your choice of venue is your couch, with you cuddled up with hot cocoa, or a fancy restaurant; now that the day of love is getting closer, get ready to experiment with new hairstyles or put a twist on an old-time favorite. There's a look for every hair type. For our 4C naturalistas, if you regularly pin your kinky curls in a breathtaking updo, push yourself out of your comfort zone and either go for a gorgeous protective hairstyle or jazz up your usual look with strategically placed adornments. 

Letitia Wright's braided updo served at the 50th NAACP Image Awards in 2019 (via Vogue UK). For those itching to go for the big chop, the hair chameleon's cropped look at the 2022 "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" European premiere was equally stunning, per Glamour UK. A hairpin can go a long way. Whether your hair is pin straight, curly, or in-between, there are many hairstyles for you to embrace this Valentine's Day.

Two braided buns will add the perfect dash of charm to your date night

Naturalistas, up the ante this Valentine's Day by styling your braids in not one, but two low buns. TikTok hair blogger Jada posted a tutorial for this low-maintenance, high-fashion hairstyle. In her video, she used styling gel to tame any stray hairs as she separated her curls straight down the middle. After creating two even braids, she twisted the ends of her hair into gorgeous buns before doing her edges.

Embody the season of love with this adorable look

#hearthairstyle on TikTok has over 50 million views: everything about this creative half-up, half-down look is a mood. TikTok model Alise Cierra captioned this fun video "Cindy Lou who?" as a playful callback to the iconic character in the cult classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Though this Valentine's hairstyle is a little more complex than your every day, you can definitely pull it off with the right amount of hair ties, mousse, and a sprinkle of fairy dust.

Pink ombre waves will make a bold statement

If there was ever a time to be daring, it's now. Instagram user @emilydoesyahair channeled her inner love goddess with this on-brand Valentine's Day hairstyle. She even coordinated her colorful waves with her makeup look and used the same shades to make her eyes pop. If you have time to fit in a salon visit, a balayage can be a welcome change if you're not prone to hair experiments and give you a major confidence boost.

Keep it simple and add volume

Sometimes, keeping it simple with an understated but classy look makes the best impression. Play up your layers by adding volume to medium-length locks, and making sure to expertly frame your face with longer bangs. If your hair is naturally straight, use your curling iron to add some shape to the front and, depending on your hair length, let the rest cascade down your back or brush against your shoulders. It will be hard for your date to keep their eyes off of you.

Sparkle with these mini twists

As far as protective styles go, mini twists are one of the easiest looks to master. Depending on your mood, you can choose to wear them naturally like TikTok hair magician Pranee Guinyard or glam them up using hair cuffs or even pearl pins. Lupita Nyong'o is the reigning queen of hair cuffs and protective styles and regularly uses intricate designs in her own locks like it's an art form — hence why Refinery29 championed her look at Cannes in 2018. Hair cuffs will add more charm to your date night outfit.

This sultry hairstyle speaks for itself

Go big or go home. If you've found yourself in a hair rut, this romantic hairstyle is exactly what you need to spice things up. TikTok hair and beauty vlogger Maria Castaneda tied up tiny sections of her hair with small elastic ties, before curling her hair into giant waves. She left two strands of hair hanging to frame her face. A little black dress, platform heels, and killer eyeliner would take this sexy look to another level.

Turn up the heat this Valentine's Day with a fishtail french braid bun

Instagram hair blogger Missy Sue's modern twist on a classic style is elegant and would fit in nicely with a fancier destination, like finally getting off that waitlist for that restaurant you've been dying to go to. The hair expert posted a YouTube tutorial on how to perfect the fishtail french braid bun. To get this look, you divide your hair into two parts and, after clipping one side so it is out of the way, begin braiding two strands of hair in a crisscross formation. Do the same to the other side until both braids meet, then pin the ends into a bun.

This ponytail braid gives off peak cuddle vibes

A stay-at-home date is a perfect excuse to experiment with your look without all of the pressure. TikTok hair expert Madison completely nailed this look. Not only is a ponytail braid as minimalist as it gets, but it also compliments any hair type. You can pull this off regardless of your hair length; depending on how long you want to go, you can either leave your ponytail braid as styled or add extensions until you get your desired length.