Trendy Short Hair's Grip On 2023 Continues With The Extreme Bob Haircut

We were all obsessed with Hailey Bieber's long, expensive brunette locks. But when she chopped it all off with an extreme bob — per Allure —  the trends switched pretty much instantly. To no surprise, this is now everyone's dream cut. However, Bieber isn't the only reason everyone will be flocking to the salon.

From the very start of 2023, everyone was already prepared to jump on the short hair train. Glamour reported that in December of 2022, millions of people have googled "short hairstyles," making it one of the top current beauty trends in the search engine's data. It probably doesn't come as much of a shocker that people are gravitating toward the extreme bob. It's chic and edgy, making it the perfect cut to turn to when you want to switch things up. Just as it is eye-catching, it's also versatile. Whatever your aesthetic, face shape, hair color, or texture — there's a version of the bob for you.

Effortlessly sophisticated

If your hair is a bit thicker and prone to frizz, the extreme bob can minimize your hair styling routine. Although if this is your hair type, hair stylist Luke Hersheson told Glamour that "you need lots of invisible layers so you can reduce the weight at the ends and the likelihood that it's going to look triangular." Whether you're in a business casual fit like Instagram user @mathilda.gvarliani or your coziest loungewear, the extreme bob can pull together any look for an effortless, but intentional hairdo.

Punk chic

Another haircut that has a hold on us is the mullet. It's the ultimate cool girl, free-spirited do. If you're considering getting an extreme bob, you likely already have the urge to do something daring. If so, take @ameliagoldie's lead and combine the two bold looks. If you're unsure it'll suit you, consider your face shape. Hair stylist Chris Jones expressed that this cut "works great on oval and heart-shaped faces. The textured top and longer back will elongate the face, something a narrow or long face shape might not find as flattering," per Byrdie.

Volume galore

If you think the extreme bob will make your hair look flat or plainer, think again. Instagrammer @christinacaradona proves it'll do anything but that. Styled to achieve peak volume, her bob gives the appearance of thick, healthy hair. Her naturally wavy texture helps to build this effect. However, you can still attain this look even if you have pin-straight hair. Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh mentioned to InStyle it's just a matter of finding the right product, noting that "you want things that contain zero moisture that promote stiffness and hardness."

Curly layers

A bob cut could add the perfect amount of character and shape to your hair if you have a curly texture. @alannaarrington has rocked the bob and showed that curls complement the cut perfectly. What gives her ringlets their enviable bounce and movement is the layering she's integrated into her hair. If you're hoping to do the same, shaggy layers are the answer you've been looking for. This choppy layering method will create the perfect dimension and framing for any face shape.

The chin-grazing bob

If you have very fine, thin hair and you struggle with your it looking flat, you might want to ditch the length. When your hair is long and drawn out, it can appear more sparse. However, as hairstylist Seamus McKernan told Real Simple, with a bob "the blunt shape provides maximum weight and thickness while remaining easy to style." Instagram user @Am.e.lie's extreme bob makes for the perfect example of this. While you can tell her strands have a more fine hair texture, her chin-length chop makes her scalp look healthy and full.

Flapper cut

The history of the bob reveals that it's always been a symbol of the bold. According to the Fashion Institute of Technology, this hairstyle became popular in the 1920s. Rebelling against misogynistic gender roles, women slashed their long locks. Aiming for an androgynous look, women began to go shorter and shorter with their cuts. Flaunting a bob similar to Instagrammer @vivthemole would have been a major sign of opposition and controversy back in the day. It is admirable that they were brave enough to break tradition, and it also just so happens that they looked stunning while doing it.

Gentle flip

If you have a thicker texture, you're likely used to carrying around heavier hair. Washing your mane is a full-on time commitment, and styling it is a whole other journey. Imagine the weight that would be lifted off of your shoulders, both literally and figuratively, if you took a chance and chopped it to your shoulders or shorter. Instagram user @chloegoslowly makes the option look like a no-brainer. With denser hair and a soft flip, the extreme bob makes her hair ultra-edgy and defined.

Edgy copper

Copper-colored hair arrived on the trend scene this summer, and its popularity has been going nowhere but up. It seems like a color that only a select few could pull off, but as Byrdie explained, there are many different shades and a perfect fit for everyone. If you want to take a leap with this unique color, try pairing it with an extreme bob. Clad in wrap-around glasses and eclectic jewelry, you wouldn't think that Instagrammer @katiehoylee could look edgier. But when it comes to the angsty aesthetic, her fiery bob is what takes the cake.