General Hospital Favorite Tabyana Ali Celebrates Her 21st Birthday In Style

When actress Tabyana Ali took over the role of Trina Robinson on "General Hospital" in March 2022, she hit the ground running as her character was put through her paces. When she was framed for a crime she didn't commit, GH fans were fearful about Trina's fate. Then her love life got messy, because although there was chemistry between her and Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez), she couldn't take his lies and started dating Officer Rory Cabrera (Michael Blake Kruse). However, Trina eventually forgave Spencer, but before she could break up with Rory, he was murdered by a mysterious serial killer that has come to be known as The Hook, per Soaps. The assailant has been targeting people associated with Trina, which has left fans on the edge of their seats.

Because of Ali's impressive performance during these harrowing storylines, she's truly become adored by the viewers. The fan love has been reciprocated, as Ali shares moments of her life online with her supporters, and she finds unique ways to show her appreciation for them too. Since many of her followers enjoy sending her fan art, she created a unique email just so she can stay in direct contact with those who want to send any artwork to her personally.

The actress recently celebrated her 21st birthday, and she was all over social media sharing the joy and fun that she experienced. 

Friends and family helped her celebrate

Tabyana Ali shared photos from her party that included her family and co-stars Brook Kerr, Donnell Turner, and Real Andrews on Instagram, captioning it with "Moments!" Kerr responded, "Talk about a beauty inside and out....You could feel everyone's love and appreciation for her and, the party?!"

She later posted a video also on Instagram depicting everyone enjoying the lavish celebration. Even co-star Taj Bellow was among the guests, and everyone was clearly having a blast. Ali rounded out her Instagram posts the next day, remarking, "BOY, WE HAD A TIME LAST NIGHT!! (Be prepared to be sick of me)." The post was accompanied by pictures of Ali wearing a black gown, gilded tiara, and a sash saying, "Birthday Queen."

Over on Twitter, Eden McCoy posted pictures of herself and Ali outside the ABC studio as well as getting their hair done, saying, "Happy birthday to my Tabby, the most beautiful girl inside and out, I'm so proud of all that you do & proud to be your friend. 21!" A grateful Ali also posted a thank you on Twitter: "To everyone that took part in sending me gifts for my birthday, I don't know how but y'all got everything that I wanted to get for myself. I'm in awe! Most importantly though, thank you for your efforts to make this day special for me. It's something I will remember FOREVER!!"

We wish Tabyana Ali a happy 21st birthday!