35 Examples Of Bronze Hair That Will Give You Serious Hair Envy

Bronze hair is one of the go-to hair colors, especially for people who are just beginning to color their hair. It is one of those hair colors that work with just about anyone. From brunettes who want to go a tad lighter, to blondes who want to go a bit darker, a bronze hairstyle is simply gorgeous and doesn't require much maintenance. Whether you gain hair inspiration from Pinterest or your favorite celebrities' Instagram pages, there are so many examples of people that can rock bronze hair. Jennifer Lopez is a fine example of a celebrity who has totally owned the bronze hair look.

Styling bronze hair is so fun as the options are seemingly endless. It also appears that many people with this shade of hair don't even call it bronze. Other names of hair colors and shades that fall under the general bronze category include caramel, warm or golden blonde, and cinnamon. Bronze hair is an example of a hair color that everyone was asking for in 2021, and it has proven that it is here to stay even after two years.

Thinking about changing up your hair color and maybe even your hairstyle? Check out these examples of bronze hair that will give you some serious hair envy.

1. The J.Lo bronze glow

If anyone can pull off a bronze hairstyle, it's Jennifer Lopez. Not only does her glowing complexion match her bronzed hair, but her bold leather outfit makes the look effortlessly edgy and chic. Notice how her hair is a bit darker towards the roots, and then it gradually transcends into a lighter, bronzed color the further down you go. Lopez styled her bronze hair color with a simple and smooth blowout that maximizes shine and volume, all while looking constantly effortless. You can't deny wanting a bit of that in your life.

2. Golden bronze balayage

This golden bronze balayage look is a great idea for people who have naturally brunette hair that are looking to transition into lighter-toned hair. If you have been wanting to be bold and try something new, this is your sign. All it will do is add some lighter tones and dimension to your natural color. Of course, there will be a major difference, especially if your hair was naturally very dark. But balayage creates a very natural look of the lighter pieces being intertwined with the darker pieces, so it's definitely worth a try.

3. The bronze money piece

Nobody can say no to a money piece. The word money piece can sound a bit intimidating if you don't know your hair vocabulary.

In simpler terms, the "money piece" is an area of highlight that really accentuates your facial frame. A lot of people tend to get balayage or highlights, and then add the same color, if not a bit lighter, to the front of the face as the money piece. Money pieces are typically used to brighten the overall look of the new hair color. If you're skeptical about coloring your whole head, maybe try starting with a gorgeous face-framing money piece and some more subtle highlights to see how you like it.

4. Light bronze tight curls

Now, you may look at this person's hair and just see blonde. But it is a very warm blonde that some may identify with as more of a very light, bronze tone. These tight curls can either be left in as is — as they can make any outfit extra classy — or you can also brush the curls out for a more natural, barrel curl look. If you do choose to style your hair with these tighter curls, this lighter tone of bronze can really show off the new color.

5. Bronze waves

Let's be honest, beach waves are never going out of style. This hairstyle is great because it can be used to style an outfit that is definitely worn to a more casual event, like with a plaid shirt or casual tee. However, these bronze waves can also enhance a more elegant outfit, such as a cocktail dress for a special occasion. Adding beach waves to your hair is also a more natural way of styling if you're wanting that look. 

6. Cinnamon swirl

Another fun way to incorporate some bronze tones into your hair is by throwing a little bit of cinnamon swirl into the mix. This look can be super fun to do during the fall season, after all, who doesn't love some cinnamon spice and everything nice? Sorry, we had to.

If your hair is naturally dark, this look is probably a bit more attainable. However, it is definitely achievable for anyone, as long as you're willing to spend the time and money on it. But keep in mind, this particular shade is a bit more high-maintenance.  

7. Bronze straight bob

A simple yet stunning look — a bronze straightened bob. Bobs are such an elegant hairstyle on anyone, no matter what anyone's age is. This hairstyle brings the ultimate shine factor to your hair. As an added bonus, the all-over bronze color will brighten your entire face.

This hair color combined with this hair length could be a perfect summertime refresher or a fall statement. If short hair is more your vibe, definitely give this look a try.

8. Pin straight long bronze hair

Pin-straight hair is a staple look for anyone. It is sleek, sexy, elegant, and casual — it really checks all of the boxes. When your hair is long, pin-straight hair looks magnificent.

If you use the best products for your hair type and then straighten it after applying said products, you can achieve maximum shine for a glossy look. Long bronze hair can be good for any time of year and any occasion. 

However, straightening hair can be tricky if your hair is naturally curly. Try investing in a high-quality hair straightener to reduce the chances of breakage and to get the job done in the quickest way possible.

9. Coiled bronze

Coiled bronze hair. We could really stop there. Coiled hair is a really stunning look that can work on any hair length.

You could style a shorter length with some bronze coils, or, if your hair is longer, adding coils to previously bronze hair will add some spunk and volume to your look. If you love your hair curly, whether it is natural or not, try going for a new bronze color in the hair for something new.

Coiling your hair isn't all that difficult either if you do have to style it yourself. Or, hey, you could even ask your hairdresser for those tight curls fresh out of the salon. Killing two birds in one trip to the salon.

10. Luscious layers

Believe it or not, there are actually a ton of benefits to layering your hair. It adds volume to the entirety of your hair and allows your locks to move a bit more freely. Plus, it's just really pretty. Bronze hair color with layers has a very bouncy and weightless effect to it.

Although layers can sometimes be tricky to keep back in a ponytail, the pros most definitely outweigh the cons. If you're an athlete or somebody who loves wearing their hair up, there is nothing a little hairspray, bobby pins, or a headband can't fix. 

11. Bronze full bangs

Committing to having full bangs can be just as hard as committing to a new diet plan, or a new workout routine. It's understandable if you have steered clear of bangs for the sole reason of them taking so long to style each and every day. it isn't easy, but that doesn't mean they're not worth it.

If you think they could look good on you, chances are they will. Give it a shot and see what happens. Some bronze, warm toned bangs could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

12. Honeycomb bronze

The same, but different. This honeycomb bronze is a rather specific hair color that is bright on the bottom and darker toward the root. There is an extremely subtle — almost invisible — transition from the darker color in the root traveling down near the tip of the locks. Some more tiny blonde highlights are thrown into the mix to contrast with the root, but you can see the overall color has a very honeycomb tint that appears a bit warm.

13. Caramel bronze

Caramel latte? Caramel macchiato? Caramel ice cream? No, we said caramel hair, please. 

If you're obsessed with anything caramel, look no further. This bronzed caramel color may just be calling your name. Intertwining some darker, milkier brown pieces with some light, bronzed caramel creates a color that will have you wanting a caramel macchiato at all hours of the day. 

You can achieve this look at the salon or at home, too. Just be sure to grab a bottle of hair dye that is around two shades lighter than your natural color, making for the perfect caramel bronze highlight.

14. Bronze angled bob

A bob is one thing, but what about an angled bob? The only difference really is the angle itself, with the hair being a tad longer in the front and shorter in the back. 

This could be a fun look to try if you want a fresh new cut. Plus, if you want an updated color too, try the dark bronze look for a little bit of spice. And if you don't love it, just go back to the salon and have the hairdresser make it all one length again by trimming down the front. Easy enough.

15. Straight shoulder length bronze hair

Straight, shoulder-length hair. Sounds basic, but sometimes the basics can be the absolute best. If you love straightening your hair, getting some bronze highlights in there can add a lot of dimension to the simple cut and style that you've got going. 

To achieve ultimate sleekness with your straight bronze look, consider using a serum. According to Hair Everyday, one of the best hair straightening serums of 2023 is the SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Finishing Oil Serum. It's free of toxic chemicals such as petrolatum, drying alcohol, parabens, or phthalates.

16. Amazing angles

Angles are always going to be a winner in our book. This style works for both short and long hair. Jennifer Anniston is known for her long angled hair. This look frames the face well and adds a lot of volume, similar to layers. The key difference between layers and angles is the lengths of the hair in various areas. In angled hair, one side of the head (can be the back, left, or right) typically has shorter hair than the bottom lengths of other sides. If you're skeptical about bangs but want shorter pieces in the front, this is definitely the way to go.

17. Basic bronze highlights

Lightening dark hair, or darkening light hair. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either. Switching it up is always a fun idea, especially if you're in need of some good change in your life. Some basic, bronze highlights are a great way to achieve this.

If your hair is naturally darker, throwing some bronze highlights into the mix could really spruce up your overall look with brighter pieces, especially if you add in some face-framing layers. And if your hair is naturally on the blonde side, try adding some bronze highlights if you want to darken it up a little bit.

18. Bronze braids

Nobody can go wrong with some gorgeous, bronzed braids. They are stunning and a definite statement. Braids in general are really breathtaking, but when you add bronze into the mix, it is beautiful to see the interwoven different shades of color throughout someone's head of hair.

If you are going out in a plain dress that is one solid color, the braids could be a really unique and interesting way to add some more personal flare to the look. Or, even if you are just running errands all day. Braids can be perfect for any occasion, it just depends on how you style them. 

19. Bronze ombré

Ombré is another style of hair similar to balayage, but it is a bit more dramatic. Typically, the entire root is shown and instead of a more natural transition, the hair color rather quickly switches halfway through into a lighter color. Of course, this transition isn't entirely all at once, but it appears clear that the tips of your hair are dyed as they are going to look significantly lighter than your root. A bronze ombré is a fun idea for a summer color to rock on the beach.

20. Copper bronze

A copper bronze is a great idea for those people who are a rather dark brunette naturally, and want to change it up with something that isn't too light. 

This copper bronze shade keeps your natural root looking pretty dark, with quite a bit of copper bronze highlights in there to brighten up the entire head. You can see the color naturally fades into something a bit lighter and more coppery. In this picture, you can see that the model has it wavy, but any style or length could rock this chic color.

If you want to try something different, give this a go and then if you want more, just go more blonde-bronze each time you go to the hair salon.

21. Bronze curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are another type of bang that definitely require multiple salon trips to keep them in shape because they grow out pretty fast. They are a longer, more natural type of bang, that can look similar to having super short angles in the front of your hair. As mentioned in Vogue, if they are styled and cut right, they can flatter anyone. Try a bronze or brunette color with your bangs for something new for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

22. Warm toned bronze

Warm for the fall? Yes, please. Warm for the summer, though? Sure, let's give it a try. Year round warmth is totally attainable, you just need to be willing to maintain it every so often at the salon. This warm toned bronze is perfect for any time of year. You can rock it in the summer to enhance your tan glow, or you can style it in the winter time to add even more warmth next to the fireplace. 

23. Bright bronze

A bright bronze can easily be mistaken for a bright blonde, as they really do look pretty much the same. But a bronze has a little bit of darkness in there too, whether it be in the root of the hair or mixed in with the brighter highlights. This natural yet vibrant look is gorgeous for the summertime, as it can really brighten your face up and serve as a sun-kissed statement as you strut by the pool or during brunch with your friends.

24. Copper balayage

Copper is a shade of bronze that has definitely been trending more in recent years. Some celebrities that have rocked the copper hair color trend include Gigi Hadid, Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone, and Zendaya for a brief period.

A lot of people may think copper hair is only for those with pale skin and light eyes. Think again, ladies and gents. Copper hair looks great on everyone of any skin tone. It is a jaw-dropper statement for sure.

25. Super slight bronze

This brown root naturally develops into an extremely faint bronze, light chocolate color. If you're unsure about making a change to your natural color, then give this a try. This kind of coloring can easily grow out if you aren't the biggest fan of it. But, chances are you will probably want even more bronze.

It will just add a little bit of dimension and can give your hair the extra oomph you never even knew it needed.

26. Sun-kissed bronze hair

Whether it be a natural sun-kissed look or a salon-made sun-kissed color, creating this look is definitely worthwhile. 

Imagine you are leaving the beach after a long day. You get home, shower, and look in the mirror. Since when is your hair so light?! This is what we're going for here. These natural bits and pieces of your hair can add the ultimate glow to your face — a look you might be after in warmer months. 

Or, are you sick of feeling plain and pale in the winter? Try this look during the holiday season to add some brightness to those cold, dull days.

27. Light root with bronze tone

This blonde bronze babe is #hairgoals, and we are here for it.

A natural, warming blonde in the back is greeted by some darker tones interwoven in her strands. You can see the darker pieces underneath her brighter pieces, which actually brightens the entire look altogether, while still maintaining a bit of a bronze glow. Her roots are pretty light too, but still have a few dark pieces that, once again, accentuate her newfound brightness.

28. Dark root with bronze tones

A darker root with some bronze pieces that get bigger and bigger the further down the hair you go, is a great look for people with naturally dark hair that want a change in their life. Who said changing your hairstyle isn't the answer to your problems?

The dark roots transitioning into the bronze color is a statement, but at the same time extremely subtle. This will allow her natural hair to grow out without it looking too obvious that there is some dye in there too.

29. Copper highlight

Copper highlights are similar to copper balayage in the way that they don't cover your entire head, but highlights are a bit less subtle and more of a bold statement. Balayage naturally transitions to more and more of a color charge as you work your way down the head, while highlights sit in different spots on the hair. Both come out great, it just depends on personal preference. These copper highlights offer a full, depth-filled style making everyone jealous of your flawless locks. 

30. Intense brightness

If bright isn't bright enough, try a super intense brightness by adding in some super bright golden bronze highlights to your hair. You could even dye your whole head of hair a super bright bronze color, if you don't think highlights will do the job.

This will make your whole face shine, and it will be super complimentary to your hair if it has a bit of depth and darker shades of brown to it. The colors will pop like a tree in autumn, and you will not regret it.

31. All over bronze

As mentioned before, if you don't think just some simple golden bronze highlights will do the trick, go for the whole head! I mean, why not? Hair dye exists for a reason. If you don't love it, you can just go back to your roots — no pun intended.

In the photo, the model is absolutely rocking a full golden bronzed look with a gorgeous blowout. All of your features, including your eyes, can really pop with this hue. 

32. Tightly curled bob

Achieving tight curls isn't as hard as it may seem. A really fun, unique hairstyle could be going for a short bob look. 

But, instead of it being your typical straight bob, you can go for a curly one. If your hair is naturally curly, you have it rather easy. If you need to curl it yourself, just invest in the thinnest curling iron you can find. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. The more you practice at it, the easier it gets. Be sure to keep it locked in for the day with your favorite hairspray.

33. Wavy bronze bob

If curling your hair too tightly scares you, or just isn't the right look for you, try waving it. Beach waves can look great on just about anyone. Wavy hair is a great and easy way to style your hair no matter the time of year. This particular style creates that natural, effortless look that everyone wants to achieve. Even if someone says they don't want an effortless look to them, they do. I mean, who wouldn't?

34. Curly balayage

These tightly wound coiled curls are so gorgeous, and with a balayage look added to them, you're guaranteed to turn heads. Balayage hair is a natural transition from dark to light, and it is a hair-dying technique. People can oftentimes get confused and think that balayage is absolutely, totally different from highlighting. But in reality, it is just a different way of highlighting hair. The end result is a bit of a more natural look.

The term actually originates from the French word "balayer" which translates to "to sweep."

35. Natural subtle bronze

Last but most certainly not least, there is the natural, subtle bronze hair look. This person is rocking it with some fresh curls. You can see her natural color is brunette, but as you leave the root and go down toward the ends of her hair, it becomes subtly lighter and lighter, creating a very natural bronze look that you just cannot say no to.

Once your hair is done, you can finish the look off with your favorite makeup. The most exciting part? You can stick to makeup that suits people with brunette hair or makeup that is best for blonde hair too. Because technically, you have both now!